Personal Skin/Tint Matching

Unfortunately, we can NOT help you with one-on-one custom skin tinting/matching for free. There is a charge of $675 (maximum time is 30 min. of assistance) to have a member from our staff help you with this process. (Please note not all members of staff can help with this and may be too busy taking care of important tickets). This is NOT a service we usually provide. You must submit a ticket if you would like help with this and IF a member of staff is able to help you they will contact you within 24-48 hours. If you have not been contacted within this time frame then a member of staff is not able to help you at this time and your ticket will be closed. We simply can not help every individual with their modifications or customizations.

This does NOT mean a member of staff will provide you with a custom skin created just for you. If someone is able to provide you with this assistance, they will only aid in the skin selection process from the provided skin texture huds included with the product and TRY to help you tint the product. It is at the member of staffs discretion to continue trying to help beyond the maximum time allotted and if  there are any additional fees for the extended time.

Please be advised this is not a perfect process and what appears to match “perfectly” to you may not look the same to someone else due to a difference in light settings and other various factors.


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