Welcome to milkmade

Hey musers,

We had a request for a basic summery of the milkmade system that could be easily passed out to people who were new to the system or thinking of joining. While I HIGHLY recommend reading through the manual as this will only be a summery and not provide instruction this should be a good place to start to get a feel for the system.

Q and A:

What is milkmade?

  • milkmade is a set of prim breasts that are milk able and have a rather unique look from other breasts on the market.
  • milkmade is a competitive game that provides personal goals and achievement as well as group based competition.
  • milkmade is an RP tool for those who wish to have lactation play.

It is all of these things at once and while you can’t “turn off” any of those functions you do not have to actively participate in any part of it if you don’t wish to. (Some features like certain appearance options are only available through game play and calcium is a universal factor for all users even if you don’t play the game competitively, but more on that below.)

Competition? What competition?

With milkmade there are a few stats that are tracked and factor into different ranks:

  • MOT or milk over time tracks the amount of milk a breast user has made since starting in the system. MOT levels are unlocked at certain amount of milk made and there are some appearance features that are unlocked with these levels as well as a small boost to the user’s lactation rate (tracked in lph or litres per hour)
  • Milk storage is based on the total amount of milk in storage tanks that you own.
  • Life time milk intake is the total amount of milk you have drank since starting to use the system.
  • Persistence is a total of all the milk consumed in the last 30 days.

Some of these stats are used to determine another competitive rank currently called generation. Those in the top 5 generations have a bonus added to the milk they own so if someone not in the top 5 generations drinks their milk it will provide extra calcium and milk drank credit.

There is also a family rank that uses the above stats as well. You do not need to be in a family to use the milkmade system but many people do because it makes cooperative play easier to accomplish.

You mentioned Calcium but I did not see that in the stats list.

Right so every user of the system whether they are a milk master, a drinker or a milk producer has a calcium level. The current maximum level of calcium a user can have is 10 mg. Every day each user’s body consumes 0.5 mg of their calcium. This loss is calculated on our servers at night. Drinking 1litre of milk will give you 1 mg of calcium. If you make a lot of milk (over 10L a day) then there is an added calcium loss because you are using so much of it. If you don’t drink and your calcium levels hit 0 mg then you will become sick with hypocalcemia and you can’t play until that is fixed by drinking 10L of milk or taking vitamin D.

Can you play without having the breasts?

Yes! You can be a milk master with a master HUD this lets you own servants in the milkmade system, monitor their calcium and milk production, have control over their pumping milk and appearance options on the breast as well as some RLV features. Or you can just be a drinker with the 1l$ milk monitor HUD this helps you keep track of your calcium, as well as storage stats and things.

If I want to be a master or drinker do I need to be in a family? and what is a milk family?

No you can just be master of a milk servant (or more) without needing to be in a family as well, and you can be a drinker without being part of any particular family or under a master (but you can if you want to). A family is a way to pool resources. Storage tanks can be shared with a family as well as an SL group, many families and masters provide bonus items (Things like hormones to help speed up milk production. Bonus items are not needed to enjoy the system but can aid in reaching personal achievements faster) for their families. Joining a family can be a way to get in to the game with others to help you out.

WARNING! Take a milk master or join a family with great care. You can only be released from them by the master or family owner or but purchasing an appropriate elixir.

I think this covers the basics if anyone sees something I missed please let me know so I can add it! Thanks so much and happy milking!

Happy Independence Day! Fireworks and a sale! 2013

4th of July at :mused:

We hope you all have a great 4th of July! To celebrate, :mused: will be having a 12 hour sale for today only from noon to midnight (slt). *25% off at the :mused: main store.

We also have some fun fireworks for you to enjoy so bring your friends and celebrate this Independence Day at :mused:!

(*sale excludes pharmacy and tank products)

Hunt for the Cure: Hunt List 2013

Below is a list of the stores that are going to be participating in this hunt. Please keep in mind that some of the store participating are on Adult rated regions and you will need to be age verified to get to them. Also note that some are on General regions and if you choose to go to those shops you will need to be in an avatar that is appropriate for that region rating. Hints will be added as they are received and some may have additional “organizer’s tip” for shops where it is felt that its needed. All gifts should be hidden 20 yards from the landing point or shop entrance for those that have a region override.

1) :mused: A Hint: Sit down and have a cold one.

2) ellemeno M Hint: No Longer Participating

3) AIDORU M Hint: even the cubes can be happy….cant you see how do they change their colors?

4) Capacious M Hint: This kitty supports hope and the fight against breast cancer.

5) Zaphara’s Paradise M Hint: “am a little bit plaid for blushing”

6) Loxwyld M Hint: Seemed like this wall needed a little something on it.

7) //elephant poses//  M Hint: “Fountains are so pretty!”

8) .:FBI:. (Fluffy Bone Industries) In world Location closed

9) Grumble M Hint: It’s TIME to find a cure! (I’d find TIME to check the women’s store)

10) PatchWork Heart M Hint: Sit down and tickle them ivories

11) Brea’s Closet M Men’s Hint: You’ve got mail.

Woman’s Hint: What girl doesn’t love shoes?

12) Sandreen’s Fashion M Hint: Come on Up and sit a spill

13) Clothes Culture M Hint: No Longer Participating

14) Busty Boutique M Hint: This pink ribbon matches the pink shirt with the great cleavage inside.

15) Surge M Hint: The West is the Best

Organizer’s Tip: This shop is still participating they just have an old sign out

16) Kira Moo Stooodios A Hint: no use crying over…

17) Razzles M Hint: No Longer Participating

18)  B Barbie Style A Hint: you will find me in the Tropical heat.

19) A4A M Hint: Look Left and Low

20) Anymore M Hint: No Longer Participating

21) [S&S] Clockworks M Hint: This corner has some nice weekend sales

22) *SLAVE* DreSSing RooM M Hint 1: “..i’m hidden behind the pillar”

Hint 2: “..i’m like stay warm under the light”

Hint 3: “..looks up”

23) Ink Secrets M Hint: good luck

24) .::Vivid::. M Hint: After being naughty, HOP your way to be nice & donate for Hunt of The Cure

25) Everglade Forest of Mods M Hint: I’m never empty I always have something to say.

Organizers Tip: Hunt sign inside the shop so not immediately viable

26) Crush Botique M Hint: I’ll walk all summer in these for a Cure

27) Bondage by *GEL* A Hint:

28) WCI M Hint 1: breast cancer is a wonderful platform don’t you think

Hint 2: if you need a lump check buddy i GOTCHA

29) Lutricias Luxuries M Hint: Enlight yourself

30) El Patio Inc. M Hint: I’ve had one too many.

31) Dufiliky Designs A Hint: I had a case of the blues …I stopped and smelled the roses.

32)  -Artistic.Rage- M Hint: In world Location closed

33) Stitches Creations M Hint:

34) SUPERNOVA A Hint: take a look behind the scenes… or was it screens..

35) Naked M Hint: Have a seat and look for the blanket, if you moved the blanket, you will find your prize

Organizer’s Tip: This shop is still participating they just have an old sign out

36) Something New M Hint: Be Proud and be Sassy Girl

37) ..::TaTToo PaRaDiSe::.. M Hint: find Monky …

38) blah.BLAH.blah M Hint:

39) Chebs. M Hint: “Check where you wait to be served”

Organizer Tip: Hunt sign outside the building on the far left in case you miss it.

40) Nomiki’s Creations M Hint: Sometimes we all can get close to Mania states of mind.

41) =MODA= Designs M Hint: “come warm yourself by the fire on these cool fall days”

42) Feyline Fashions M Hint: There’s something very Casual about those Rocks

43) Vero Modero G Hint: Put a pink ribbon in your chest to show your support for this cause.

44) .::LaCroix::. M Hint: No Longer Participating

45) {D.o.R.k} M Hint: From East Coast to West Coast hunting for the cure has true color

46) Pillows & Things M Hint: I lost my ribbon in Salem

47) Kabuki Creations M Hint: Tie me, Tie me

48) B-UniQ M Hint: Light a candle of hope…

49) .:Stone Misery:. Prefabs & Furniture M Hint: Leaves are falling….

50) Ella & Elle Couture M Hint: You’re doubly lucky if your letter comes up on this chair.

51) Small World M Hint: I just love the taste of something sweet…..don’t you?

52) Hard Candy A Hint: look for the flowers

Organizer’s Tip: Hunt Sign is on the table in the second room

53) MC Fashion M Hint: Alecsy, she look fabulous tonight

54) Holli Pocket M Hint: Kitties love to play

55) AMERICAN BAZAAR M Hint: I didn’t receive it.

56) Bitter Bunnie Designs M Hint: Release your inner goddess

57) Laney’s Boutique M Hint: Check your breasts in the mirror for irregularities as part of your monthly self exam.

58) Twinkle & Dazzle A Hint: This is a bit formal

59) QQ Fashion M Hint: “Looking for a warm cozy place”

60) Kennedy’s M Hint: *See hint giver at store. :)*

61) tori’s stylez M Hint: spice up your night with desire & bubblegum

62) Purple Candy A Hint: Betty loves pink bows

63) Trinite M Hint: everyone will Stair at you as you walk by with these on

64) .::Pink Sugah::. M Hint: Just where you would expect to find me

65) Rainbow’s Custom Jewelry M Hint: Look for the cure in a swirl of colors

66) Luna Designs A Hint: get high and its in the bag!

67) Rusa Tease M Hint: See Hint Giver

68) Dreamz M Hint: go to the lucky letters

69) Shame Me Designs M Hint: The past is the past, but I’m here now.

70) Bewps A Hint:

71) FABOO M Hint: No Longer Participating

72) D&G Fashions M Hint: TWO HEARTS that beat as one, hold the prize you seek.

73) Peach Blossom A Hint: I light the way

74) ModaMia A Hint: Talk To Marilyn

75) DRBC M Hint: I must, I must, I must increase my bust! Some fluffy little cakes might help!

76)  ::A&A:: G Hint: True Friends are never forgotten

77) {{Imajicas G-Spot}} Gestures M Hint: Under the Slope of Darkness you can find me Hiding in the Corner

78) Cream Tea A Hint: This looks good up here

79) Le Chic M Hint: Life grow up like a flower. is there were you will find me

80) witchy cupcakez M Hint: Ice Cream Cures Everything

81) QQ Creations M Hint: Let’s have a picnic!

82) Q&A Weddings M Hint: Pink on pink bow.

83) .:Panda Punx:. Body Shop M Hint: “Mirror Mirror on the wall…”

84) Sugar & Cyanide M Hint: Hello Titty!

85) Tits Up A Hint: Don’t get Scratched

86) Carrie’s Lingerie M Hint:
“Seven deadly sins,
seven ways to win,
seven holy paths to hell,
and your trip begins

Seven downward slopes
seven bloodied hopes
seven are your burning fires,
seven your desires…”
~Iron Maiden~

87) MilkPonies M Hint: “Stop in the cafe for a sweet treat.”

88) Dark Wing Productions M Gift 1 Hint: One step at a time

Gift 2 Hint: I have a pretty twin.

89) Pallas Athena M Hint 1: Strong Pink Lips

Hint 2: When the curtain falls…

90) S.L.A.D. M Hint: A withered little tree can still burst into life with love and care.

91) Zuri Jewelry M Hint: Watch your step

92) Ravnous M Hint: “I know this hunt won’t blow!”

93) .::[HTxDZ]::. M Hint: Oh Eddy, what a pretty pink!

94) ~Glasgow Grin~ M Hint: Welcome to Wonderland!

95) {Princess Whore}Mainstore  M Hint:

96) Fi’s Creations G Hint: “turn the lights on”

97) *Uni-qu3 * fashion M Hint: looks  like the material it hides  it….

Organizer’s Tip: This is the second shop on the region sign says “darkie ….. studio ….. Capture !!”