milkmade breast update version 1.32

*This update will be mandatory as of Feb 28th 2015 as it is required to function with the Stud pump and future releases.*

This is a minor update to add a few features we had wanted to put in for 1.30 but were not quite ready yet as well as add support for some compatibility between the up coming stud pump and milkmade. To get this update come to the :mused: main store and click the update icon under the milkmade vendor.



  • Added support for Stud pump compatibility (topical consumption will stop the leak out from engorgement penalty so you can start pumping right away and save the milk.)
  • Lactation partials (Drip, Squeeze, Stream, and Hosed rug spray) are now customizable via notecard,  (included: regular, strawberry, chocolate, blood, acid, sparks, and stars)
  • Optimized and consolidated code for better performance.
  • Masters now have access to nipple menu even when nipple menu is “locked.”

Bug Fixes:

  • Manual link from support menu now no longer links to 1.2 version of manual
  • “Squeeze on” now triggers correct particles

How to update:

The update you receive will contain a fresh fully up to date copy of everything. You can also update using the included update USB to move the new scripts into your currently set up breast.

This blog post will cover the how to use the USB updater if you would rather that to resetting up the breasts from scratch.

In the box you will receive:

  • :mused: Milk Made Breast Update (USB) 1.32 (to use to update existing breasts 1.2 or 1.3)
  • :mused: Milk Made Breasts v1.32 (Brand new breasts)
  • :mused: Milk Made Cow Spots/appliers/Cream Face
  • :mused: Milk Made Manual information (notecard)
  • :mused: Skin Blend Layers (useful for skin matching)
  • Lactation Off (stops milk particle effect)  (gesture)
  • Lactation On (starts both nipple lactation particles) (gesture)
  • Milk Made Appearance HUD v1.05
  • Milk Made Breast Hovertext v1.0 (chin)
  • Milk Made Breast Hovertext v1.0 (HUD center)
  • Milk Made Milk Monitor HUD v1.0
  • Milk Made Milker Strap v1.01
  • Milk Made string Tie v1.0
  • Milk Made White Base Shirt Applier (applier a white t shirt texture to the breasts shirt layer)
  • MM tank Strap v1.1
  • Pump Milk shortcut Macro- Milk Made (gesture)
  • Show Nipples Shortcut Macro – Milk Made (gesture)
  • Show Soft Nipples Shortcut Macro – Milk Made (gesture)
  • Show Teat Shortcut Macro – Milk Made (gesture)

:mused: Halloween Party 2014

Happy Halloween musers!

As we bring our Second Hunt for the Cure to an end we will be having a Halloween party up at Club Milk!  It will run from 4-8pm SLT on November 1st following the Do it like a Dude release party that morning.

  • 4-6 Dylan Chiantell will start us off with some awesome music
  • 6-8 Kuhnrai will be DJing the second half and will finish us out strong!
  • Drinking contests at 5-6 and 7-8 pm
  • Best in Costume contest with some Magical prizes! 4-6, voting to 6:30
    • First prize will win a BCA stein and a 10L cauldron (seen in image below), second and third prize will win a 10L cauldron! Keep an eye out of these magical milk tanks to go on sale soon!

Halloween party 2

We will have a 10% region wide production bonus going for this event and we can’t wait to see you all there!

Do it Like a Dude: Stud Pump Release Party

Hey musers!

We are now less than a week away from the release of the Stud Pump into open beta on Nov 1st. To celebrate its launch we are going to have an hour long Do it Like a Dude Release party!

  • 10 am -11 am HolyMary Loudwater is going to be DJing some rocking songs about penises and our fascination with them.

Stud pump release party

We hope to see everyone there Doing it like a Dude!

for more details about the Stud pump in the mean time check out these other blog posts, Release info, demo and tanks, and the manual

That night at 4pm we will be having our Halloween party. I hope to see you there!

Stud pump Demos and Early Tank Sale

Hey musers!

Less than a week to go for the stud pump release and we have the demos ready for you to take a look at in the main store!  (TP link Here)

You can come down and play with the HUD which is the core of the system, look though the different attachments in world, and even try them on the a temp attachment! The manual is also online and available for you to read through (:mused: Help)


Not only that but the Stud Pump tanks will be going on sale early! This means you can get yours Wednesday Oct 29th before the Stud Pump goes on sale this Saturday Nov. 1st. You can get set up and ready. Load up on the sizes you want with less of a crowd and be ready to start filling them as soon as you get the Stud Pump on.

SP small tanks   SP Large tanks

And they are transfer so you can grab one to give as a gift to that friend who is thinking about getting the Stud Pump to make their start up costs a little bit lower!

You can find the tanks out on the tank deck with the milkmade tanks!

We will also have the tank paint gatcha out on Wednesday too so you can try your hand at painting your tanks your favorite color! (only the milk payment gatcha will be out at this time as there is not any semen to use to buy tank paint yet.)

Paint Can

 Available colors and relative level of rarity:

  • Common – Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
  • Uncommon – Purple, Fuschia, Orange
  • Rare – Sky
  • Super Rare – Mused Pink, Black
  • Ultra Rare – Paint Brush (wild card)

Hunt For The Cure Kick off event and Drinking contests

Hey musers,

This Friday October 3 we are having a party and some drinking contests to celebrate the start of the Hunt For The Cure.

Hunt for the cure kick off

At 1pm -2pm we will have our first drinking contest In the pavilion in the :mused: Town Square

At 2pm Kuhnrai will come in playing some awesome music for us to dance to while we run our “Best in Pink” Contest. Winner get a 250L Pink BCA tank for first place and a stein for second and third so come dressed to impress!

Skyefeather will be hosting with all your information needs! And Cali Ciaco will be running the drinking contest.

That will be ending at 3pm when we will start our Second Drinking contest for the evening wrapping that up at 4pm

We will have a 10% region wide lactation bonus rolling So come by and hang out with us!

Don’t forget to drink your 15L of milk (total) for the week to be entered into our BCA Stein Raffle. 5 winners names will be pulled Saturday at 8pm!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hey musers,

October is Breast Caner Awareness Month and :mused: likes to take this time to raise both awareness and money to help support those affected by the disease. Through out the month we will be having the Hunt for the Cure, its a 10L$ charity Hunt off of the money from the hunt is donated to Breast Cancer Connections (you can check out their Charity Navigator Review for more information on them.) . We will also be having events and raffles and drinking competitions. A full schedule for all we are doing this month is below.

October 1st- Hunt for the Cure Starts

October 3rd- Opening event: Dj and Drinking Contests

  • The first drinking contest starts at 1pm slt and it is followed by an Event at Club milk from 2-4 and we will have an second drinking contest at 3pm.

October 4th- First Stein Raffle

October 11th- Second Stein Raffle

October 18th – Third Stein Raffle

October 24th- all tanks must be updated!

October 25th- Forth and final Stein Raffle

November 1st- Stud Pump release and Halloween Party: Dj and Drinking Contests

  • We will have a DJ rocking out some tune in an hour long “Do it Like a Dude” Stud pump release party
  • The Halloween party will have the drinking contests during the event which will run from 4-8pm SLT with drinking contests at 5pm and 7pm, Come in costume for some Halloween fun and an end to a great month!

BCA Drinking Contests and Raffles

This October we will have having two events where we will be having drinking contests as well as weekly raffles where you can win a BCA Stein Tank.

Mused BCA stein

Breast Cancer Awareness Appliers can be can be gotten for 20L$ from a gatcha (these are not transfer)

The Raffles will be drawn every Saturday in October at 8pm SLT (with an announcement around 8:30 SLT) To be entered you will need a weekly drink total of 15L. We will pull 5 names and the winners do not need to be online at the time of the drawing and will have until the end of the month, Oct 31st, to claim their prize.

The drinking contests will be held with events we will be hosting at the beginning and end of the month.

Friday Oct. 3rd 1pm and 3pm (we will be having our kick off event from 2-4 pm up in club milk)

Saturday Nov 1st 5pm and 7pm  (we will be having a Halloween Party from 4-8pm at club milk)

Drinking contest tiers:

Under 25 Liters total consumed top three all get a Fight like a Girl Shirt.

25 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Fight like a Girl Shirt & Grass
  • 2nd- Fight like a Girl Shirt & 30$L
  • 3rd- Fight like a Girl Shirt & 15$L

50 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Volumax & hormone
  • 2nd- Volumax & spring forage
  • 3rd- Volumax

100 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Stein
  • 2nd- Volumax & hormone
  • 3rd- Volumax & Spring Forage

500 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Stein & Hormone
  • 2nd- Stein & Spring Forage
  • 3rd- Hormone & Spring Forage

1000 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Stein & Hormone & Spring Forage
  • 2nd- Stein & Hormone
  • 3rd- Stein

2500 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- 250L Pink BCA Tank
  • 2nd- Stein &  5 pack of hormones
  • 3rd- Stein 5 pack of Spring Forage
  • 4th- Stein