Family Tome 1.10

Over the next day we will be updating the family tome to version 1.10. If you own a family your older tome will be disabled when it is rezzed. At that time you will be sent a replacement 1.10 tome. This tome will only be sent once. If you decline the item you will need to submit a support ticket. There are many changes to the new tome. A full list of new features can be found below.

Watch for more information.

How to Update:

–  Old tomes will be disabled when rezzed.
–  A new tome will be sent ONCE when the old tome is disabled.
–  If  you accidently decline the tome you will need to submit a ticket.

Whats new:


  • Send milk to family members. This applies to their milk drank
  • New tome look with open and closed option
  • Mesh build with materials
  • burn particle and texture for deleted families
  • Better error reporting

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug setting timer when no family is set
  • Fixed text box referring to /1
  • Fix entering name, allow for first.last format
  • Refactored tank on parcel code
  • Better object on parcel detection
  • Lots of memory saving modifications

Please check out our :mused: life manual that contains items used by all our systems for more information on how to use your new