Changed your name?

Have you recently paid Linden Labs to change your name and own one of our :mused: Milk Made or Stud Pump Systems? Please visit the front desk of the shop and click the sign to update your name in our database! The sign is located in front of Skynet.



2.0 Developer Kit Available

Hey Musers!

Our Milk Made 2.0 Developer Kit for creating nipple and tank skins appliers is available again!

This new kit fixes a bug where the materials were not resetting along with the textures for the original images. Swing by and pick up a new kit by touching the vendor and grabbing a redelivery.


New Tank Available

We are taking it back to basics and keeping it simple without losing any party appeal.

This new keg model is lower script and only 2 land impact. It provides the very basic tank features such as hide and show of hovertext, rescale options, access permissions and vending options.

You can pick this up today in our shop either empty or full.

Visit the :mused: store


Happy Holidays!

Join us for the Jingle & Mingle event tomorrow night at 7pm SLT! Drinking Contests plus Best Dressed in Black & White prizes! Hope to see you there!!

New holiday accessories!

Exclusive item for The Summoning Event!

Get them @