Web HUD Beta

Hey musers,

We are working on an update to the Web HUD that will prepare the :mused: platform for a whole slew of new functionality. We will be consolidating all :mused: HUDs into this one to rule-them-all. We are ready to start the first phase of testing. In the initial release you will find easier access to your key stats and if you own a master HUD give you access to the key features of it as well.


If you want to help test this new update then attach your Web HUD and if you see the message “New BETA HUD is available to you for testing. This HUD is experimental and may have bugs and is not documented. Click here if you would like to test the beta HUD” then you have the chance to do so.



To break down the message a little bit, what this means is that the HUD is not in a condition that were are ready to release it yet. Testing the HUD means that if you have any problems with it or encounter bugs that you will put in a ticket notifying us of the bug so we can correct it.  An example ticket might look like this

Title: Bug in new Web HUD

Body: When attempting to send bonus item to another user it gave the send message but they never received it. They did get the pop up saying I sent it though. We tried a few times on a couple different regions with the same result.

The lack of documentation means that we do not have a manual for it published yet as it is not a current product. It should be pretty self explanatory to use but if you do not think so and have questions putting in a ticket with those can help us to write a better manual as well as weed out bugs.

So if you can test it and want to help out please give it a shot and let us know what you think.