January :mused: pinup Kalel Mommsen

We are very happy to introduce our first :mused: pinup to you all! This is Kalel Mommsen :mused: pinup model January 2013!

january winner

We got quite a few great submissions which are not out of the running for future months but we are always looking for new submissions so if you think you have got what it takes to be a :mused: pinup we would love to see what you have got, check out our submission guidelines for all the details on how to submit for our February pinup.

Cask Tanks now Avalable for Exchange

Want a new look for your storage tanks? A new cask option is available through an exchange vender.  blog post cask rezzer

The land impact on the new cask themes range from 2 prims (10 liter cask) – 5 prims (1000 liter cask) depending on the size of the storage cask.

In order to get the cask tank you must have a standard tank of the same size with at least the correct amount of milk in it. The amounts needed to exchange the standard tank for the cask tank are:

5L of milk for 10L tank

8L of milk for 20L tank

10L of milk for 50L tank

20L of milk for 100L tank

50L of milk for 250L tank

100L of milk for 500L tank

200L of milk for 1000L tank

Don’t worry if the tank has more only the needed amount of milk will be taken and you will get the rest back in your new tank. You can come and preview the new tanks on :mused: next to the standard tank display behind the shop http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/mused/143/238/29

Rez the tank you want to exchange there and touch the sign behind the preview rezzers to start the exchange process.


Hello musers!

BeWbAPaLoOZa is “A new monthly event for the prim endowed.” They have a bunch of different venders there with new, and I know at least for some exclusive, outfits every month. Not every vender there supports :mused: breasts but most support one of the appliers we are compatible with. (As a reminder :mused: breasts both milkmade and full breasts are compatible with appliers for eCorp, Lolas [not tangos currently], iboobs, eboobs, and foxbean.)BeWbAPaLoOZa_001

They have a lot of venders you might recognize, like Patchwork Hearts, Gatherings, and Epic but they have quite a few who were new to me, or I did not know made applier clothing. I picked up a couple pieces from the January selection and am regretting not getting the things from the December selection that I was thinking about. Now this is not a sale event the items here seem to be priced on par with what you would normally find in there main shops. However you can get a great rotating sample of offerings as each month the venders offer new things and you can grab some exclusive styles not available else where.

Know of any other events like this one? Let us know in the comments.

About the Blogger

Hello musers!

I am Cali, your new blogger, at least some of the time. I will be doing most of the weekly Monday posts though we may have a guest blogger from time to time and you might see me again on a non-Monday post if there is something to warrant it like a holiday or what not.

So a little about me:

I love to play with avatars so you might catch me looking like just about anything.

I am also on the :mused: support staff which is a job I love, we have such a great community.

I am new to the prim breast side of SL, I started using them because of my partner but that’s a story for another blog post.

self edit

So hi! Please feel free to contact me with blog topic ideas or whatever, or you can just leave them in the comments.

:mused: monthly pin up submission guidelines

To submit simply email your images to us at madeea.nakamura@yahoo.com (in world mailbox removed may 29th).

We understand the concern some might have with out of world communications however, we value our community and respect the privacy of our users so no email addresses will be saved or used for anything. We also prefer higher resolution images than SL will allow for but we understand the concern and so will accept 1024 x 1024 images.  By submitting the image, you will retain your rights to the image but grant us the right to publish it on Musedlife.com and to make edits as we deem appropriate as allowed by the Attribution CC (BY) License

Your image will be reviewed if it meets the requirements and is chosen will be posted when we think it will best fit. You can ask to be notified when your images are posted and we will e-mail or message you in world which ever is your preference. All images will be credited unless otherwise requested.

Pin up art is:

  • sensual and sexual in the everyday, some clearly posed vixens some more accidental flashes from the good girls. Just a reminder that everyone is sexy.
  • not confined to the retro look of the generation that created it. This is Second Life you can be and do just about anything. We want to capture that. The everyday of SL, just the sexy and beautiful of it.
  • not gender specific, think sexy fireman calenders.
  • not porn. In line with the original style we are looking for things that imply more than they show. We determine what is tasteful and what is not and have the right to refuse to post anything that is not appropriate.
  • generally a solo thing, however if more than one avatar is depicted it cannot show sexual acts (see above point)

This list maybe edited as we see a need to in the future.

  • You can submit more than one image and can submit more than once.
  • Images must be at least 1024 x 1024, larger is better.
  • The pinup for this blog needs to feature a :mused: product, but it does not have to be the breasts you guys can get creative.
  • It would also be ideal if it was edited and cleaned up to the best of your ability.
  • Please include avatar name in the Display Name (account.name) format. (If you wish it to be posted anonymously please note that as well.)
  • If you wish you can also include a style card to give credit to the creators who made the awesome things you are showing off.

We cannot wait to see the great stuff you all send in! pinup goodies

Update: We have decided to give a gift to the pin up who is chosen every month. I am super excited that we are able to do that!

Update 2: If there is more than one avatar in the image we can only give the Main gift to the person who submits the pinup, but will have secondary gifts for the others.