About :mused: Creamery

:mused: Creamery is home to unique avatar enhancements providing you with submersive interactive experiences.

:mused: was opened on May 20th in 2011 by Madeea Nakamura. With the help of a very gifted and talented friend, Sarah Showboat, a dynamic duo was formed to bring you new exciting, engaging and innovative products. We have grown into a very close family with support of an astounding staff that we are ever so fortunate to have! Special thanks to the :mused: Staff and everything you do!

Check out our website! Visit www.musedcreamery.com for more details.

Community is everything to us. Without you, we would’t be able to continue our passion designing a more interactive second life. Please, we encourage you to join the :mused: Creamery group to socialize and connect with new friends and family!

Teleport to the terminal to join the official :mused: Creamery group.


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