:mused: Full Breasts v1.5

:mused: Full Breasts v1.5


Hud or Touch menu controlled.

Natural slope, full breast shape for those that do not prefer the HP Overfilled Implant look.

Nipple “Leash/Owner” options.
Bounce on movement: /1 bounce on and /1 bounce off to turn this feature on and off.

Lactate feature can be controlled by touch menu. Clicking either left or right nipple will give you 3 options : Drip, Squeezed, Stream.
Owner lock for owner use only or unlock to allow others to activate lactation.
Squeezed Lactation acts as a particle “poofer” and streams milk upon logging on/offline, teleporting etc.

:mused: Full Breasts are capable of being sized very small or very large to fit various av shapes and sizes.

Includes :mused: Full Breasts Helpful Guide for getting started with your new breasts.

*Special Developer Pack included to customize breasts even further or sell creations for :mused: Full Breasts in your own store.

• 217 skin tone options
• 76 normal nipple options
• 76 soft edge nipple options
• nipple option for use with “see through” tops
• 30 nipple textures for solid nipples
• 3 bras each in black and white
• 2 t-shirts
• tube top
• oil layers (light/heavy)
• tattoo layer (L&R)
• nipple tape
• 4 piercings
• spilled fluids layer
• leash/owner options
• bounce on movement
• lactation features
• cow spot included
• skin blend layers
• hud / menu controlled
• customize textures
• shirt layer supportive of 3rd party texture appliers (eCorp,iboobs,eboobs,lolas!)

Included Developer Pack:
(For more details see included Developer Info note card)
• 8 texture applicator objects
• samples for clothes
• developer demo breasts

:mused: Full Breasts Full Perm Color Tone Collection

Over 300 full perm texture files. All skins and nipples used with :mused: Full Breasts for you to customize even further for the best match possible to your avatar skin!

This item is only found at the :mused: in world store. Follow the “Teleport” link to purchase.

(Please note this is a pack of textures for designers or knowledgeable users of image editing software such as photoshop. You do not need to purchase this pack unless you wish to customize the textures for personal or resale use.)

:mused: Full Breasts Color Tone Collection - Full Perm Texture Files

Happy New Year! 2012!

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Brought in the new year with my family and some of my best homies! Happy New Year everyone!