State of the mused address V

Hey Musers,

It’s Madeea bringing you this blog today so bare with me, I am not so eloquent with words as our beloved Cali is.  The point of this post is to hopefully answer a few questions and put to rest some of the rumors that I have heard going around about :mused:. (Be warned, there will be all sorts of grammatical errors and things of that sort. Apologies.)

First and foremost….

No, :mused: is not dead. We are not closing up shop and we don’t plan on doing that anytime soon.

Why would anyone think this?  Well, from my personal observation and information gathered from group chats the number one reason is the lack of contests/events.

I would like to say right away that contests are not gone forever. I would also like to point out that we are not in the entertainment business (although our products are quite… entertaining), we are not an event center and we are not dependent on contests and events to continue bringing you new products. In fact, that is partly what is slowing us down from bringing you the new items you as a community have requested for the MilkMade and StudPump Systems.

For those of you who don’t know, we are an EXTREMELY small team. We are not Walmart or a sweatshop based in China. We have one designer/3d modeler/store manager (Me), we have our completely-awesome-at-working-that-scripting-voodoo programmer/developer (Sarah), and we have a spectacular support team that addresses tickets, answering your questions and helping wherever they  can (Cali, Zin, Nova). So we have 5 people juggling direct issues relating to the store and our products. We would like to give a huge thank you to those that have supported us and have offered your time and knowledge to help us on this journey (for privacy sake I will leave those names out… but you know who you are. Thank you!)

To keep these contests running, I have to create new skins/meshes at your request to keep the prizes worth it… right? If we have 1 or more contests every month, my time to build new product meshes for MilkMade and Studpump, manage satellite locations and rentals, create all advertisements, update websites, manage all store aspects blah blah blah blah blah.. (the list goes on) is bled dry. Where in all that is there time for a RL… oh yea, we all have one of those too remember? I am a mother and a wife and RL just gets crazy, as I am sure many of you can relate to. Also, I have a new Weimaraner pup. Anyone that knows weims… knows how that can be. Love her to death but she is the pure definition of crazy.

So basically, I just don’t have the time to do it all. Nor does Sarah.

I have made the personal decision to hold off on contests for that reason. I am not sure when we will have them again but we will. I understand there is a demand for them because of the milk on the market etc. But remember, I can’t bring you the new products that will help the issue if all my time is going towards creating products for people to win in contests plus create the promotional advertisements for those items/events. Yes, I know what you’re going to say… and I have hired Event Coordinators, and Graphic Designers but we all know the nature of SL and work for hire. The turnover rate is not ideal and I just simply do not have the time to constantly train new employees. This does not mean I am giving up the hunt for those unicorns…  but contests are just not my priority right now.

Which brings me to the next topic I would like to address. I have seen people complain in group or tickets about profits and how they just aren’t making money using the :mused: systems. If that is the sole purpose of why you got into one of the :mused: systems then to each their own and I am sorry that you are not raking in the dough you thought you would. The problem is not with the systems themselves or with us as the creators of the system. The problem is simply the false idea that these systems were made with a get rich quick scheme in mind. That’s not what they were made for. I first made them because at the time I was not happy with the sculpted (yes, sculpted) breast selection on the market for personal wear. One thing lead to another and working with my other half Sarah in our dynamic duo, the breasts were built and coded with a bit of kinky fun added. That was it. Simply built for enjoyment.

Thanks to the community feedback and suggestions the system has evolved into what it is now. It’s always evolving.

On that note, I will move right along to the next topic:

Mesh Breasts? What happened?  Mesh bodies. Mesh bodies happened. They are awesome, I love ’em. They have great breasts and we finally moved out of the sculpted/attached phase with some jiggly goodness added in. Why reinvent the wheel?

I do have the mesh breasts already built however. But it comes down to efficiency. Sarahs focus needs to be on fixing aspects of the system that need adjusting and things that break with code. My focus needs to be on bringing you new interactive items for each system and maintaining the store. People have managed to mod and create kits for the community so they can easily hide the sculpted breasts for use with these lovely new mesh bodies and I find that fantastic. So we have decided to go with the community suggestion of supplying various stand alone mesh pump options. Before you get too hyped up, there is no release date on those. Remember, focus.

We still plan on releasing mesh breasts at some point, however we are keeping those on the back burner until we start the next phase of evolving MilkMade and StudPump with the integration of fertility possibilities among the systems. It would be more efficient to hang onto the mesh breasts until then so that we can better code/test how they will work with lactation and the pregnancy cycle.

If you refer back to some of our prior state of the mused address posts you can see we have managed to check off quite a few of those boxes and we will continue to try to provide new fun items for you to enjoy. Just a reminder: The posts do not provide product lists or release dates. Nothing is set in stone. All is subject to change as we really get into the bones of developing the ideas.

Lately we have had some delay in response to your ticket submissions and we truly apologize for that. Some changes LL made trickled down and effected the systems creating some issues we are trying to nail down. What’s new, right? That is always an uphill battle. On top of that we’ve had some asshats trying to just make a mess of things and rip customers off because they are bored with nothing better to do. Also nothing new there. Because of people like that, we have to take the extra time to implement methods to better protect you. We want you to keep enjoying yourself and the systems. Time. Everything takes time.

So, we really appreciate the patience that you all have had while we get things sorted. Really.

I know there are a number of things that just seem wonky right now but trust us we are working hard to get them weeded out and resolved. Please be kind to my staff when they are trying to assist you. It will get you farther. I am a zero tolerance for bullshit type of person. Which is why I don’t make a great PR rep.

I think that will be enough for now, that wraps up what I wanted to talk about off the top of my head. Play nice everyone, please keep enjoying yourselves and the systems.

We will continue to work at evolving the systems and bringing balance while integrating new possibilities.