Hunt For The Cure 2013

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and :mused: is going to be organizing a hunt in the month of October (Oct 1, 2013- Nov 1-2013)  to help raise money for a Breast Cancer focused charity.  The Charity we have chosen is Breast Cancer Connections (you can check out their Charity Navigator Review for more information on them.)


How this hunt works:

  • The hunt item will be for sale for 10L$, this money does not go to the shop owner but to an avatar that has been set up to manage the funds for donation.
  • The totals earned will be posted at the end of each week through out the hunt.
  • We ask that the item or items being given out in the hunt be worth at least 200L$ if it was for sale normally. (Item can be a pre-existing product of your own, you are not required to make a new exclusive product for this event)
  • The hunt item will be a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon and we ask that it be with in 20 m of the landing point (or shop entrance if you are on a region with an override)
  • We encourage Hints be given and will have them listed on the web site during the Hunt

We are currently accepting applications for venders who wish to participate please send a notecard to Cali Loxingly (cali.ciaco) with the following information if you are interested.

HFTC Application (store name)

Your store name:

Your avatar name:

Your store landmark:

Your store slurl:

Region Rating:

Do you create breasts or breast related products? (what?)

Do you have any idea of what your gift may be?

We are excited to be able to do this and we hope to get a great turn out. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments or message me (cali.ciaco)  in world.

June :mused: pinup luciafavianellia

This month’s pinup is the ever sexy luciafavianellia Resident with the Theme of “His Girls”


We have not really been getting a lot of submissions for this I had hoped that adding a theme would help inspire some ideas, maybe help boost some people’s confidence since they knew what we were expecting. We have another theme planed for July but let me know what you think of it should we keep doing themes? Does it help or does it just bind your creativity? Should we drop doing the pinups all together? Should we feature our runner ups as well? Let me know what you all want! Anyway the theme for July is “Summer Fun” remember to check out or submission guidelines and to check out Iona Lemondrop from last month if you missed her.

(We got a few really nice pictures from Lucy and since we can’t feature them all as “the” pinup I decided to put them down here so take a look!)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Here at :mused: we think breasts are kind of a big deal, and the woman (and men) they are attached to are an even bigger deal.

Check back here for more information soon!

State of the :mused: address I

Hey musers,

Now that both the Full Breasts and milkmade have been updated (Full Breasts are on version 2 and milkmade is on version 1.30) :mused: is going to be turning our attention full time to some projects we have been working on and can hopefully get these things really going. We will of course be working on other things as well but these are the two big projects.

The first is the Stud Pump which people have been asking for since we first released milkmade a little over a year ago. This is a big project we have been working on it for some time and now can really focus on it. I wanted to let you know what we were thinking and working toward. Nothing is set in stone yet all of this is subject to change as we really get into the bones of creating it but there has been a lot of talk and I wanted to give you all a picture of where things sat for our current planing.

  • The Stud Pump will be a cock pump collecting semen rather than milk.
  • It will be a complimentary game to the milkmade system both can benefit from each other but neither is required to play the other.
  • You can, but do not have to, drink the semen.
  • This will be the pump only not the cock to go with it so you can use whatever you normally use there will be a lot of options and we hope to make it natively compatible to as many brands as possible.
  • As its a separate game the stat charts will be separate but we hope to have a bridging HUD so if you do use both you don’t need a pile of HUDs

The next big thing we are working on for the breast side of things is Mesh!

  • The new breasts will be a different product than what is currently for sale we are not simply taking milkmade and Full Breasts and making them mesh. They will be compatible with milkmade however.
  • We hope to offer a few different shapes to suit a wider variety of tastes.
  • We are hoping to make them resize more seamlessly than other mesh options to allow for even greater avatar customization.
  • We want to make them as compatible with the existing market of appliers as possible for easier use.

What sort of features would you like to see added to either of these? What brand of cocks would you like to see supported? Let us know in the comments.

Yesterday was the last day of voting for the Tank Mod off and the winner is Zindonas with a duel bellowed scifi mod.

Also next week is the June pin up so this is the last week to submit your images for this month’s theme “His Girls”

:mused: milkmade v1.30 update

:mused: milkmade breast v 1.3

New Features:

  • Changed the way skin appliers work allowing two different textures to be used.
  • Update Menu button only shows when rezed on the ground to prevent confusion.
  • Added pump menu to /5 pump command.
  • Particle menu now “locked” by default
  • Added Tangos shirt applier support
  • Added Xcite! compatibility

Bug Fixes:

  • Missing textures on milk made pump harness logo working now
  • API – engorged state is now reporting correctly
  • Spelling errors corrected
  • /5 lacon now works correctly
  • Particle effect for “squeeze on” now works consistently
  • Nipple menu now consistently triggers another dialog
  • Dialog menus optimized.

To update your breasts rez a copy of the breast update USB and it will give you a script (it will go into your scripts folder) and the float text on the USB will say “find script given to you [mm_drop_in_breasts_to_start_update] Rez Milk Made breasts and drop the script in them to start the update”. Keep the USB rezed and rez a copy of your breasts and edit them. Put the script the USB gave you into the breasts contents via the edit window. Once it is in the breasts it will start the update process and will delete itself once done. The updated breasts will have version 1.30 in the description. You can rename them so that they are easier to find in your inventory but as some customers rename their breasts for different avatars or outfits we did not want to change the name of the breasts automatically. The USB will then say “find script given to you [mm_drop_in_breasts_to_start_update] Rez Milk Made breasts and drop the script in them to start the update” again. And you can update another copy of your breasts just as the first one if you chose to.

*note* This update will take your milkmade version 1.2 and update them to version 1.3.

If you do not have milkmade version 1.2 the update USB will not work correctly but you can use the version 1.30 breasts that are in the box sent with the update. If for some reason the update is not sent to you when you attach a pair of older breasts you can request the update to be sent to you via the update terminal found in world under the breast vender or you can put in a ticket and one of our staff will take care of it as soon as they are able.

  • Category: “redelivery”
  • Title: “Request milkmade v1.30 full package”
  • Description: “I have a version of milkmade prior to 1.30 and need to have the update delivered.”

With this update there are now 3 old versions of milkmaid, this creates a lot of issues as people are encountering bugs that have been fixed or are looking for features that were implemented on a newer set of breasts, we can not continue to support them. We are giving a 4 week grace period for everyone to be able to update to the current version and then the old versions will be shut down. They can still be updated to current after that point but they will no longer create milk. Please update as soon as possible.