Limited Number milk sale of Milk Made Frosted Stein Tank (sold out)

Edit: This has now been Sold Out!

Limited Edition Milk Made Frosted Stein Tank milk sale:

out of the 25 we had available 15 were won in the contests.

We have 10 left to buy:

These will be for sale at our main store for 150 litres each, limit one per person.

Mused Frosted stein

This is the first time we have done a milk sale like this and we are excited to offer another way for people to get our limited edition offerings. We have the Hunt for the cure starting on October 1st so keep an eye out for more events, gifts, and limited edition tanks in the coming days and weeks.

Hunt for the Cure 2014 Gift previews 1 of 2

We offered once again to put up previews of the great gifts available in the years hunt. In this post and the following you can see some of what there is to be had as you help raise money for breast cancer patients. Click on an image to see a larger version of it, the name of the store and its place in the Hunt is on the Caption of the image and you can find all of the locations and hints on the hunt list.

(Surge) Breast Cancer Awareness Pin

Surge # 35


Prism # 30

Ravnous - Sharon Dress - WhitePlum v.1

Ravnous # 32

Roses of Life

Le Chic # 14

Hunt for the Cure 2014

West Coast Influence # 5

SN~ Dare to Bare

Something New # 6


D&G # 11

WICKED _ Melani - Dress (Pink)

* WICKED * # 10

[DBF] Ezrela skin AD

Deluxe Body Factory # 9

{Sickly SWEET} Textures - Blossom

{Sickly SWEET} # 22


Busty Boutique # 2

HFTC Milkponies Gift Pic 2014

Milk Ponies # 25

HFTC Prize - Feyline Fashions

Feyline Fashions # 7

La Boheme Hunt for the Cure Prizes

La Boheme # 39




Server troubles and some down time

Hey musers,

As you are probably aware we have been having some rather poor (as in horrible) service from our server host. We have been working to migrate :mused: to a different provider this does take time and we are moving as fast as possible.

We will be moving this as soon as possible this evening and when we do it will take us down for about an hour. We will let you know as soon as we can when it will happen but I can not promise much advanced notice.

When the migration takes place please refrain from using anything in the milkmade system, breasts, tanks, and bonus items.  After migration the double tap will be down for about 48 hours. We had hoped to get the new server up and fully ready before the move and to give everyone a planed down time but the resent and frequent outages have pushed up our schedule some what.

Any losses you experience related to the move or the server outages please file a ticket when we are up and running again and we will replace it.

With all the crashes we have been having we will be turning of calcium depletion tonight.

We are grateful for your understanding and support.

(edit: we are unable to take all the steps needed to do the move tonight Sept 28th. but we will be making the move as soon as it is possible and will keep you updated.)

Edit Sept 29th:

We moved servers from Host gator to Amazon’s hosting in the middle of the night last night without the need of the anticipated 1 hour down time. As we moved as quickly as we could due to the poor service we were receiving a few of our services will be out until we can get them setup and working correctly with the new server.

The tank updating and double taps will be off line for the next 12 to 36 hours.

We apologize for the down time on these but are very relived to be on a stable sever to keep your data and milk safe and flowing.


Stud pump Release Date Set!

Great news musers!

We are breaking some rules today. I am proud to announce that we will be releasing the Stud Pump on November 1st!

Stud pump release add

We are working hard to finish up the last details and are really excited to finally get to show you all what we have been working on.


The Stud Pump will cost $L2,500. The standard package will include the Stud Pump HUD (required to make semen) and access to over 25 mesh pump attachment models.


Stud Pump does not come with bits but rather is designed to work with bits you already own from a bunch of great creators. You can see a full list of currently supported brands and models as well as vote for which we will add next at this link
You will soon be able preview the different styles of pumps in the main store and even take a look at the HUD. We will also have the manuals live for you to read through and learn about how this game will work. Though it is similar to milkmade in concept Stud Pump is a different game. I am also going to be working on a welcome to stud pump summary that is similar to the one we have for milkmade. So look for those in the coming weeks as we Hunt for the Cure!

Milk Made Frosted Stein Drinking Contests and Limited Milk Sale

Hey musers!

We have 25 of these frosty tankards up for grabs! This weekend September 26th, 27th, and 28th we will be having drinking contests to win a limited edition Frosted Stein, after all of that is said and done any left over steins will be put up for sale to buy with milk.

Mused Frosted stein


Drinking contest times in SLT are:

Friday 7pm

Saturday 10am, 4pm, 7pm

Sunday 4 pm, (Edit: Due to our server host going down this final contest was interrupted we will have one more once we have moved to a stable sever. Keep an eye out for more information.)

Final drinking contest to be at 11 am SLT Monday.

Different tiers of prizes are unlocked with different amounts drank, the top drinkers will win prizes for the tier that has been achieved. The tiers and the prize places are listed below.

Under 25 Liters total consumed top three all get an applier pack.

25 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- applier pack & Grass
  • 2nd- applier pack & 30$L
  • 3rd- applier pack & 15$L

50 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Volumax & hormone
  • 2nd- Volumax & spring forage
  • 3rd- Volumax

100 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Stein
  • 2nd- Volumax & hormone
  • 3rd- Volumax & Spring Forage

500 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Stein & Hormone
  • 2nd- Stein & Spring Forage
  • 3rd- Hormone & Spring Forage

1000 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Stein & Hormone & Spring Forage
  • 2nd- Stein & Hormone
  • 3rd- Stein

2500 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Stein & 5 pack of hormones
  • 2nd- Stein & 5 pack of Spring Forage
  • 3rd- Stein &  hormone & Spring Forage
  • 4th- Stein

Good Luck and happy Drinking!