Feburary :mused: pinup Ariel Lunark

Hey musers

I would like to introduce you all to our February :mused: pinup! Meet Ariel Lunark :mused: pinup model February 2013!

Ariel Lunark Tiger-Pin-Up
Style Guide for her tiger:

Gelf Ears, Short Gelf Ears – [][]Trap[][]
Mesh Equine Mane, Digital Fray Horns – ::Static::
Tiger, Eastern Dragon Tail, Southern Dragon Claws – Kinzart
Snowshoe Mod kit, Blush – Kinzart Mutations
Cassiopeia Eyes, Grimalkin Eyes – .{Rue}.
Bellringer Corset from +DV8+ (closed)

Once again we got quite a few great submissions which are not out of the running for future months but we are always looking for new submissions so if you think you have got what it takes to be a :mused: pinup we would love to see what you have got, check out our submission guidelines for all the details on how to submit for our March pinup.

And if you missed her take a look at January’s pinup

:mused: at The Whore Couture Fair 2

Hey musers!

I am super excited to let you all know that :mused: will be participating in the Whore Couture Fair 2!

It is an event to help you get in touch with your inner naughty girl as they say on their blog; “Deep inside every woman is a dirty girl waiting to come out, a locked up closet whore that needs to be unleashed! Whore Couture can help you to achieve such thing. All the naughty and kinky desires will be release at this Fair!” I went to this event last year and there were a ton of great venders and designers there it was a really big event. You can check out their blog for a list of the other venders who will be there, I can tell you its a long list. Fortunately you will have some time to check it out and make sure you have time to hit every designer because it runs for all 31 days of march. We are so excited to be involved!

The Whore Couture Fair 2
March 1st – 31st, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hey there musers!

We here at :mused:  wanted to wish you all a very Happy Valentine‘s Day.

valentines day

As a small gift to you we have some Digital Valentines that you can save and pass on to that special someone.

Valentine 1

Valentine 2

Valentine 3

Also remember we are looking for a :mused: pinup for Feburary. Check out January’s if you missed her and submit your own.

Adjustment HUD

One of the items that :mused: has made at the request of our community is the :mused: Applier Adjustment HUD. Its intent is to make editing appliers much simpler and can be used by clothing creators to easily position their textures to make appliers but more on that later.  While this will work with breasts other than :mused: milkmade it is a huge benefit for milkmade appliers because of how many layers there are to adjust and try to grab to edit etc. this makes that a snap because it does all of it at once from one HUD. adjustment hud perms

While made by :mused: this HUD supports a number of different appliers and is compatible with eCorp, Lolas, iboobs, eboobs, and foxbean as well as standard :mused: appliers.

To use it wear your breasts and the HUD rez or wear the applier, it will apply to both the breasts and the HUD. From there you can tweak it from the HUD.

You can change everything that is available to change via the edit window, repeat, offset, rotation. You can alter the magnitude of the change with the strength button. You can tint with the color selection panel or via RGB numbers put in to chat. To do that click the microphone and type /1  in chat followed  by the RGB values separated by commas.

It also has the ability to save five of your favorite appliers so you can switch between them from the HUD rather than needing to reapply and reedit them.

The last part is my favorite, the Show settings in chat History button will out put the texture positioning and coloring data so that can be put into an applier script so that if you are making an applier you can easily get just the right tweaking on the texture so that your applier works right out of the box and will leave those who use your applier with very little tweaking to do.

You can buy one for 1L$ in the mused shop here.

:resolved: Server Known Issue 02/09

Hey musers!

We are currently experiencing some problems with our server host. While we have the server back up and running from the outage yesterday some things are not working still.  We have had to temporarily take down the double taps while we investigate the remaining issues. They will report an HTTP error, please be aware that this is intentional. We will restore double tap service as soon as possible. The tank exchange is also offline.

Thank your for understanding and I apologize for the inconvenience.

:mused: Under Construction!

Hey musers!

We are renovating to improve our store and region lay out so things might be a little chaotic for a bit, but we hope to be back to normal soon!


Why Prim Breasts?

Hello musers!

Today I wanted to delve a little into a question a good friend asked me when I told them I worked for :mused: Why?

Or more accurately Why prim breasts? For me it started with Zin, my partner, she wanted a curvier shape for her avatar and is a bit of a visualphile and so the distortion you get to textures and shape that comes from enlarging the base avatar mesh was just not going to cut it. So she started looking around and ultimately settled on :mused: full breasts for her first pair. I will admit I was skeptical. I mean wouldn’t she have a hard time with clothes for them and wasn’t all the prim breast clothes really revealing?  But she proved my stereotyping wrong and I loved the way her avatar looked once it was all set up, but it wasn’t for me I did not enlarge my breasts big enough to need them. But when a beta test announcement went out in the :mused: group Zin jumped on it, and was accepted to work as part of the milkmade closed beta. I was REALLY skeptical about this. I will admit to having all sorts of preconceived ideas about what milkmade would be like and none were very flattering until I got to know the other people testing and the creators through Zin and I loved the people. And with just about everything else my prejudice melted away in light of the reality and so I bought my first pair of prim breasts the day milkmade released I was still nervous about it, what other people might think. But I enjoyed the community, the game, the way my avatar looked because even sized down (though I tend to go bigger these days much to the delight of Zin) my avatar’s shape benefited from the detail and care that went into making the breasts.

But that’s just my story and I know many other people have other reasons for the choices they make so I asked around in the :mused: creamery group and around the store to get other peoples perspectives and stories. The most common thing I heard was that people wanted more control over there avatar’s shape and a better look. For others it was part of an RP thing, playing Ushimimi or playing with other breast and lactation fantasies. For some prim breasts helped to establish that their avatar though on the smaller size was a petite woman not a child avatar.

“I never really used prim breast before and as things started changing around my sl life last year I wanted something different, a new experience. I love to play with and take photos of my avie and when I was mused first came out I decided to jump the gun and buy them.  I like how my avie looks now.” – Kalel Mommsen

“Personally, I use prim breasts when I want to have a larger chest simply for the fact that they look better than the base avatar breasts. Not only that, there are women in RL that have huge breasts, so why not be able to represent something like that in SL with breasts that are oversized like an F cup? There are also those that have breast expansion fantasies that really can’t be done without them. The only real cons to having prim breasts are cost, so many different types and skin matching.” -Terri Modan

“Well I am picky about the prim breasts I use. Personally most look fake and to round, I use both mused and tango lola’s to have a slightly larger than avatar breast look, but try to make them natural. But why I started using them is because they look better than the avatar breasts. Some of the problems I have faced was the fact that they often look fake or to round and not enough gravity affecting them. as well getting them to match evenly with the skin I am using since I use drow skins.” -aramil Silvercloud

What about you? Why did you decided use prim breasts? Let us know in the comments.