Hunt For The Cure 2013: Hunt Item Previews 4 of 5

The HFTC starts tomorrow! Take a look at some of the great gifts you can get while supporting charity! This is our fourth post with gift previews thought there might be one tomorrow if we get any more last minute previews. We have a ton of great gifts with almost

100 shops to go to! Take a look. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6

:mused: Creamery Counter


Maya Dark Wing ProductionsHunt for the Cure Pink Full Outfit Dark Wing Productions copy  Dark Wing Productions

Kennedy's Super Pumps Stars HUD-HFTC Gift copy

Kennedy’sJuliette-Fuchsia-Vendor QQ Fashion

QQ FashionHFTC Fleur Pendant & Earrings by Zuri Rayna

Zuri Jewelry



Hawaiian Dress Ensemble Sets Ad

Pink Ribbon Cancer Set HFTC Ad

Nomiki’s Creations

Dreamz HFTC ad


Pink Sugah.::Pink Sugah::.

Hunt For The Cure 2013: Hunt Item Previews 3 of 5

The HFTC is going to be starting up next Tuesday and we asked our vendors to send in a preview picture if they wanted to. Many did so we have been posting these preview images to give you a taste of what will be in the hunt next month broken up in to 5 blogs posts. 1, 24, 5, 6

brittany lace Ella & ElleElla & Elle Couture

BCA ~Small World~ copy Small World

Laney's Boutique Hunt for the Cure Charity Gift  Laney’s Boutique


witchy cupcakez



ModaMia Hunt For The Cure Casual OutfitModaMia Hunt For Cure Out On The TownModaMia Hunt For The Cure Swimsuit


Milkponies - HFTCgiftad

MilkPoniesPretty in Pink-ad Barbie

B Barbie Style

airmed( Ruca Tease)

Ruca Tease

~Glasgow Grin~ Pink Ribbons for Tata's Set (HFTC)Glasgow Gin

Hunt For The Cure 2013: Hunt Item Previews 2 of 5

The HFTC starts on October first and so we are sharing with you some of the gifts that will be given out. We had a lot of venders send us there previews so we are breaking this over into 5 posts over the course of the week. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6


.S&CSugar & Cyanide

HFTC Save Tatas {D.o.RHFTC Adam Rack {D.o.RHFTC Ribbon {D.o.R

{D.o.R.k}HFTC Busty Boutique copy  Busty Boutique

DelilahSkirt vend _S_Cris Top vend _S_ Belle Dress vend _S_

*SLAVE* DreSSing RooM

Deluxe Body Factory Skin Muriel #1 HFTC AD Lutricias Luxuries copy

Lutricias Luxuries


Hawaiian Dress Ensemble Sets Ad

Naked The Ritz pergolatext Duskfly DesignsDufiliky Designs

Tribal Heart -picture Ink secrets copyInk Secrets

Suggested Bonus Changes

As we work to improve the game we make some changes to what bonuses are available and how they apply. We are going to be making one such change soon.

We will be adding a capacity bonus to the top 7 gen users and their servants, this will stack with Volumax or the handmilking bonus.

With this change we will be removing the engorgement bonus (so please watch your breasts to avoid leaking!) and the current Gen drinking bonus.

The bonusing structure will look like this:

  • Gen 1 base capacity of 1.20L
  • Gen 2 base capacity of 1.00L
  • Gen 3 base capacity of 0.90L
  • Gen 4 base capacity of 0.80L
  • Gen 5 base capacity of 0.70L
  • Gen 6 base capacity of 0.60L
  • Gen 7 base capacity of 0.55L

So if a master is gen 2, they and their servants would start with capacity 1.00L, then volumax would get them up to 2.00L

There will be another notice put out when this goes live.

*edit* 9/24 after some feed back from the community we have decided to extend the bonus down two more Gens so that the top 7 gens will now receive this bonus rather than the top 5. The post has been updated to reflect this change.

*edit* 9/25 After further review and some players and developers concern of possible exploitation the max capacity has been reduced. Post has been updated to reflect this change.

Coming Soon: Siphon 1.12 Update

Howdy musers!

We will begin updating the milkmade siphon to version 1.12. This is a maintenance release with a couple bugs fixed.

Update includes:

  • Fix to ‘too many listens’ script error
  • pagination for tanks selection, for browsing more than 10 tanks on a parcel.

To get this update, simply rez an existing siphon. It will be deleted upon rez, and a new siphon will be sent. This is the only way to get the update and all siphons older than 1.12 will be deleted when rezzed. If your siphon deletes but you do not receive the new siphon, please submit a support ticket. If you have more than four siphons, you can also submit a ticket to have staff update your siphons.

We should be ready to start this update processes in 2 or 3 days, there will be another announcement when it begins.