August :mused: pinup Daisy Ogleby

This month’s theme for our pinup is “Boobs in Space” and I am pleased to introduce the Lovely Daisy Ogleby!

The Milky Way

Breasts: :mused: milkmade
Shape: Custom
Skin: League Misty Pale
Eyes: Poetic Colors Classic Dark Soil
Lipstick: L.Fauna Lipstick Red 3
Hair: Alice Project Erika Indigo 05
Dress/Stockings/Boots: Jaydee Designs
Pose: D.Luxx Poses

The theme for September will be “I’m on a boat” I am thinking pirates, row boats, spaceships, Yachts anything you could possibly call a boat/ship/raft have fun with it. Remember to check out or submission guidelines and to check out Last months pinup Taru Crystal.

You can see another picture Daisy sent us below I hope you enjoy!Rocket Girl copyProp/Pose: Sparrowtree Studios Poses

Got Mad Style : Feeling a Little Nerdy Now

Feeling a little nerdy now



Skin:  Alyss* wonderland blond brow Fairy (not sold, link to similar item) al vulo

Shape: Custom made not for sale

Breasts: Full Breasts :mused:

Eyes: Amacci Real Eyes ~ Sapphire  Amacci

Eye Lashes: Flirty black LAQ

Hair: Video Game – Blonde Fade (From Gatcha no longer available link to similar item) >TRUTH<

Bow: Magika // Kawaii (No longer found similar item linked) Bow

Glasses: T.C. – Kawaii Glasses (Black) T.C. By Erovi

Piercing: A:S:S deLuxe – Monroe piercing A:S:S & Al Jamal

Necklace:  Melatonin Makes Me Mellow Necklace *Ticky Tacky* (Shop not open at current)

Shirt: Sweet Summer Dress – White ~ By Eve ~

Shorts: .R:R. The Sole’ Shorts Blue outRAGE

Shoes: Knee High Sneaker Boots – Blue Blueberry

Ask :mused:

Hey musers!

I figured I would open the floor up for a Q&A post here are some of the questions we got:

Q: When is the Stud Pump coming out?

A: The short answer? When its ready. The long answer, :mused: does not like to set release dates because we want to get the product working with all the features we want to include as bug free as we can get it. This means that we want to be able to make it, test it, fix it, add more polish, test it, fix it, etc. as many time as is needed to get right. We are currently in the very early testing and polishing phases. We will release it when its ready and not a moment before or after. This means we are not rushed leaving in known bugs or leaving out desired features but will also not sit on a finished product waiting for an announced release date.

Q: When will the mesh breasts come out?

A: See above.

Q: The last post about them (the breasts and the stud pump) was kind vague when can we know more details?

A: We will release more details when we have them. The thing with this is we don’t want to just do “milkmade 2 now with semen” or “full breasts: the mesh edition” we want to make something different and better and compatible with what :mused: already carries and with as many other products that you might already use as we can. We will be making changes to the milkmade game to make it work with, but not require, the stud pump game and vise versa. We need to consider bonuses and make sure they are fair and balanced, we need to figure out how being a master would work for both systems, we need to plan for interactions etc. We also want to make sure our mesh breasts are not just a duplication of everything that’s already on the market, and that we can make them compatible with milkmade. For both products we want to be sure what we offer is the best  we can make it, in terms of appearance, ease of use, scripting, compatibility and the like. So at current we don’t have any more details than what we have already released to offer you but when we have them I will give them to you.

Q: Will the mesh breasts be a free upgrade for current users or will it a whole new thing I need to buy?

A: We will have a way for current milkmade users to upgrade to the mesh if they want to, however it is not a “free update” but a whole new product as such we have not sorted out the exact details for how this will work but it will mostly likely be from a milk exchange of some sort or perhaps a deep discount for current users. Also the prim version of milkmade will continue to work and be supported so that no one should feel obligate to go to the mesh version. Again not sure how we want to do it but we will be taking our current users base into account and will not be forcing anyone to go to mesh nor will we tell you to simply re buy the product, we will release more details on this once we have a better idea how we want to handle that.

Q: The last update to milkmade included xcite! compatibility, what is that and how does it work?

A: xcite! is an arousal system  that adds an extra element to sexual role play in Second Life. It allows you to set up and configure your “kinks” and likes and dislikes so that when playing with yourself or a partner your arousal will increase naturally depending on what is done with the system. They offer partner scripts so that other venders can have their product interact with the xcite! system, usually you will find it used with furniture or bondage equipment. Because milkmade lends itself to those with an interest in lactation as part of their sexual play and experience we wanted to add compatibility to other products that are also commonly used in such play for a more seamless experience. You can access the xcite! menu for the milkmade breasts from the settings menu. Which you can read more about in our manual linked here. We are considering adding compatibility to Sensations in the future which is a similar arousal system.

Q: On occasion there are people that are selling full tanks. After that whole milk duplication incident, there was a post on the website about careful milk buying, it got me to thinking as it seems only a siphon is supported – In cases like this where a user is selling a full tank, should they be selling the milk via a siphon first, and then the tank? Or are we still allowed to buy full tanks from other users?

A: Yes you can buy full tanks but carefully. We will support unique tanks in the system, that display on your stats and the milk in them, However, if the milk is found to have been created though an exploited it will not be supported. We have made changes to the system to make doing this much much harder but I would not go so far as to say its impossible as cheaters will do there best to work around the system. It would be best for record keeping for the milk to be sold via the siphon if possible. Also remember than when receiving any storage tank or bottle from another user either as a gift or as a sale to rez the tank afterword to be sure that the transfer of ownership went through correctly and that it will display on your stats.

Hunt for the Cure Participaing Vendor information 2013

First and for most we want to thank you all for participating in this hunt to help raise both money and awareness for breast cancer.

As you all saw in the notecard we sent to you we are encouraging hints to be given, the dead line for those is September 15th. If, after doing my final walk though of the hunt, I feel a shop’s or hunt item’s location might present some confusion to hunters I may add an additional “organizer’s tip” to make sure people have a idea of where to look.

We are accepting Hunt Item preview images that will be featured on our blog as well if you wish to submit one the dead line for that would be September 30th, they will go live on the blog on Oct 1st with the start of the hunt.

Once you have your hunt item ready, or you know where you will be hiding it please send me, (cali ciaco) an IM with a link to its slURL: I will be doing an initial walk through on or around September 15th to be sure that the hunt signs are out and that all provided locations for the shops are accurate, then a final walk through the day before the hunt goes live (September 30th) any shops that do not have their hunt item out and ready by then will be excluded from the list.

To set up the hunt item you need to:

  1. Box up your hunt gift. (We request that if you were or are selling the gift in your store it would be worth at least 200$L you may put in more than one gift if you wish but they need to be boxed together, the script will give the first object in the ribbons inventory so for the full gift to be delivered there needs to be only one object in inventory.)
  2. Rez the Hunt ribbon. It will say “Please place the hunt gift object inside me, then touch me to reset.” Edit it and place your gift in its inventory.
  3. Touch the Ribbon. It will reset the script and prompt you for vender permissions. (If you would rather use an alternative account for this please send the name of that avatar to cali ciaco)
  4. Once permission has been given it will now be set up. When payed it will send 10L$ to you and then the money will be forwarded to :mused: (musedskynet), the gift will be given to the person who paid it and they will see “Thank you for your donation here is your gift.”

Please message Cali ciaco if you have any questions or concerns.

We will be posting the weekly total donated as well as the top five shops we are getting donations from every Sunday for duration of the Hunt and the final totals and top five on November 2nd after the hunt is over.

State of the :mused: address II

Hey musers,

(*due to some confusion this post has been revised.)

After our last state of the :mused: address we have gotten a lot of questions about other things people want to see so this post is intended to give you all a general idea of things we like and want to work on and hope to implement in the future if possible. There are NO estimated release dates on these products. This is NOT an official product list release.

:mused: Wish List Inside Peek!

  • Mesh Breasts
  • Male Pumping System
  • Udders
  • Advanced Stats/Leveling System
  • Gift Card System
  • Tank Management Hud
  • Ice cream
  • Food Crafting
  • RLV Traps & Toys
  • New Interactions
  • Multi-Servant Milk Pump Station
  • Larger Tanks & More Themes
  • Pregnancy Compatibility
  • Broader Compatibility (with various brands like Xcite!)
  • Web Based Customization
  • Interactive Rp Tools
  • Labia Pump
  • Plantable Spring Forage
  • Video Guides
  • Virtual Tutorials

And more! Remember we do read suggestions, we love to see what you all want. If you have an idea and don’t see it on the list let us know so we can put it up for voting. (*Please keep in mind we consider these suggestions during our creation process but not all suggestions will be implemented.)

Also next week I will be answering some community questions so ask them in the comments below or IM cali ciaco with them, have a great week!