Moving :mused: Forward

Hey musers,

As you know we are working to create a more secure and consistent product and experience for :mused: systems after some issues we have had in the past. This means moving a lot of our inworld stuff to the web where it is safer from the SL inventory bugs and exploits. We made the first part of this move with the Web HUD and are working on updates to other products as well as tweaks to yet to be released products that will make this simpler and easier to use. While we strive to keep a constant up time, we may have issues arise from time to time where the server needs to come down. We will do our best to notify you in advance of such occasions but there are times where the changes we are making should not impact up time but do. In those cases, we ask for you patience and understanding as we work to build a better and more enjoyable system for everyone. Thank you all for your support we are so excited to share this endeavor with such a passionate and involved community!