Hunt For The Cure Final Total!

We have the final total for the month of October “Hunt for the Cure” Breast Cancer Awareness event. It was an amazing month, you all stepped up and got involved far more than I expected and I am so glad to have been a part of it! I learned a lot from planning and running this event so I am excited to do it again next year – hopefully bigger and better!

We raised a grand total of L$92,947.00 during the “:mused: Hunt for the Cure” month.

Our Stud Pump beta auction winners were Lactress and Xaphons Nightfire!

Thank you all for all your help and work and giving it has been an amazing experience!

End Of Hunt For The Cure Party Nov 1st 2013

Hey Musers

We have our wrap up event tonight starting at 4pm SLT and running 8Pm SLT Following that we will close the bidding on the Tail Sale. We will have a Best Dressed Voting board with a Halloween theme. Come be as spooky as you want!
We will have a DJ live mixing for you!

We will have two drinking contests:

  • First Prize: 250L limited edition Pink Tank
  • Second Prize: 500 L$
  • Third Prize: 100 L$

Region wide Lactation bonus of 15%

Showboat Casino will be open as always for gaming and we will also have a milk sploder going above the dance floor! (be sure to check out the instructions for how to use it in our manual