Hunt For The Cure Weekly Totals: Oct 13th 2013

We have our weekly totals for week two to share I was expecting to see some slow down as the month goes on but really everyone is just awesome I can not begin to tell you how excited I am to see how much we can do as a community! This includes all income from the dates of October 6th to the 12th

Now lets look at the numbers

Total this week: L$21,205

And our Top five Shops this week were:

*SLAVE* DreSSing RooM with L$910

Carrie’s Lingerie with L$480

=MODA= Designs with L$400

..::TaTToo PaRaDiSe::.. with L$310

Bitter Bunnie Designs and Surge both tied with L$220

Don’t forget we have the Tail Sale going on with some really fun offers as well as the limited edition pink tanks for sale 10% of which is being donated. Be sure to go check both out at :mused: Town Square (TP pad by the shop entrance)

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Self Breast Exams

Performing a Breast Self Exam or a BSE is one recommended way of helping to detect breast cancer early and increase the likelihood of recovery. The most effective way to detect breast cancer is by mammography, and a clinical breast exam can complement mammography screening. BSE should not be relied on as they only way to detect breast cancer but it is beneficial aid, it allows you to become more familiar with your body and what is normal for you.

check yourself no borderWe want to thank everyone who has been participating in The Hunt For The Cure both the vendors and the Hunters as well was those who have been donating so generously.

Hunt For The Cure Weekly Totals: Oct 6th 2013

We have our first weekly totals to share and I just want to say wow Thank you all so much we are seeing far more responses that I had hoped and I am so thrilled. You all are amazing! This includes all income from October 1st to the 5th.

Now lets look at the numbers

Total donated this week: L$38,417

And our Top five Shops this week were:

*SLAVE* DreSSing RooM with L$1840

..::TaTToo PaRaDiSe::..  with L$ 890

=MODA= Designs with L$ 836

Dreamz with L$ 740

Capacious with L$ 740

You guys are amazing! I mean really! Thank you all so much!

Breast Cancer Awarness Limited Edition Tanks 2013

Hey musers!

I am super excited to announce that we are doing our first ever limited edition storage tank.

What better event to commemorate than Breast Cancer Awareness month?

These pink variations on the standard tanks will be available for the rest of the month and only in 250L, 500L and 1000L sizes.

HFTC Tanks

10% of the sales of these tanks will be donated so be sure to pick up yours while we have them!

You can buy them at the :mused: Town Square near the Bid For The Cure pavilion just take click the TP pad and sit on the ring it rezes. Taxi to the TP pad

Bid For The Cure and :CLUB: Milk

Hey musers!

Tonight starting at 1:30 SLT and going until 7:30 SLT we will be having our opening event for :CLUB: Milk in our new event and RP area :mused: Town Square. You can get a TP to the area from the TP pad by the Shop.  Taxi to the TP pad

club milk_001 copy

We have a ton of fun stuff planed for you tonight!

  • We will be having a great time dancing to the awesome music DJed by Pickles (jezzika terasaur)
  • Best Dressed in Pink contests, so come show off some of that awesome hunt gear you picked up or throw on a favorite pink outfit or avatar and join us!
  • Drinking contests with some amazing prizes
  • Region based lactation bonus, make more milk for just hanging out and dancing with us!
  • A milk sploder! add some milk to the gaming bank and load up the sploder!
  • Play with milk games in Showboat Casino. Play and win milk using our new milk gaming bank system, You don’t even need your tank with you to play.

… AND start your bidding at the Bid For the Cure Tail Sale!

tail sale_001 copy

we have 12 different boards for you to bid on below is a very very basic summery of what you can find please click the number by each board to get the full details.

  1. Oddclaw Sideways: Play (Male, Pan, Fur, Sub) or Skill (build mod work or odd job)
  2. Drusilldarkwillow: Play (Female, Pan, vixen/fox, switch) or Skill (large builds, stip dancing, event planning)
  3. Rio (Crimsonfang Bade): Play (Herm, bi, Kirin, switch)
  4. Kira Zobel: Play (Female, Bi, Furry/neko, sub) or Skill (profile picture photo shoot and edit)
  5. Eversky Aeon: Skill (profile picture photo shoot and edit)
  6. Cali Ciaco: Skill (sign image for shop or family)
  7. Nova (Reiger Fang): Play (Herm, Pan, Husky, Switch) or Skill (building/texturing)
  8. Zindonas Loxingly: Skill (access to custom built TIS mission for bidder)
  9. Bret FoxGlove: Play (Male, Straight, fur, sub) and Skill (professional advice and compassion)
  10. Nyanidroid: Play (herm, bi, anime Ushi, switch)
  11. Spot in Stud Pump Alpha
  12. Spot in Stud Pump Alpha

So be sure to check out all those great offers and make a Bid for the Cure, it will be running until the end of the month so if you can’t make it tonight stop by any time until Nov 1st

:mused: Town Square Grand Opening: More than a Hunt

Hey musers! With The Hunt For The Cure starting up today I wanted to let you know about some of the other things :mused: is doing to help raise money and awareness for the cause in addition to the grid-wide hunt that started today. On Friday October 4th we will be having a party to celebrate the Grand Opening of “Club Milk” in our event and rp area “:mused: Town Square”. It will run from 1:30 SLT to around 7:30 SLT. Starting at this event and running until the end of the month we will be having a “Tail sale” run as a silent auction. You can donate whatever services or skills you would like to be auctioned off.


  • The sale will be held silently. Meaning there is no specific date or time you need to be at the sim.
  • All bid money will be going to charity to support those with breast cancer.
  • Participants may bid on other participants. Just make sure your service times do not clash.
  • You may choose to either offer your “play” services or “skills” such as drawing, avatar creation, etc.


  • You will have until November 1st to place your bids. Simply pay the board of the person you wish you bid on.
  • If you are out-bid, you will be notified and refunded on the spot so that you may bid again.
  • You may bid on more than one participant in the tail sale.
  • There are *no* refunds after the sales end.

Message Cali Ciaco for more information and an application. I will be blogging about this again before the event so keep an eye out for that.

You can also buy a set of balloons and an awareness ribbon for 1 linden that will go the support the charity. We also have a donation center set up just outside the door of the shop. There are two types of donation boards available. One for donating any linden amount you wish directly and we also have a milk donation option where you can donate your milk or purchase donated milk. All proceeds from the sale of donated milk will go to charity.  Again, you will get another post on this when the event Friday is ready to roll but I just wanted to give you all a heads up one some of what will be going on around here at :mused:!

Hunt For The Cure Hunters Guide 2013


Hey everyone! We are so excited that you are participating in this hunt! We have a lot of resources for you so you know where the money you are paying into this hunt is going and to help make this hunt easier.

The money will be donated to a charity, the charity we have chosen is Breast Cancer Connections (you can check out their Charity Navigator Review for more information on them.) We will be posting the weekly total donated as well as the top five shops we are getting donations from every Sunday for duration of the Hunt and the final totals and top five on November 2nd after the hunt is over. So check back for those!

The List of shops and hints is linked here. You can use that page to get to each shop in the hunt no landmark chasing.

Once you have found the ribbon simply right click and select pay. You will see “Thank you for your donation here is your gift.” and the gift will be delivered to you.

How this hunt works:

  • The hunt item will be for sale for 10L$, this money does not go to the shop owner but to an avatar that has been set up to manage the funds for donation.
  • We ask that the item or items being given out in the hunt be worth at least 200L$ if it was for sale normally.
  • The hunt item will be a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon and we ask that it be with in 20 m of the landing point (or shop entrance if you are on a region with an override)

You can see some previews of the hunt items on these posts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6