Merry Christmas 2017

Wishing you and yours all the best this Holiday season!

merry christmas mused 2017

Merry Christmas!

(Pssst! see what she is holding? No not the puppy the flask! You can buy one! Check out the post about them here!)

Free Hypocalcemia Clear!

Santa came by the :mused: main store on Christmas Eve and cleared the amnesty vendor.

Do you have a friend or an Alt that is hypocalcemic and wants to be healthy? Send them here:

One click on the red first aid sign and they’ll be good as new!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

:mused: Flasks For Sale!

Hey musers!

Looking for some last minute stocking-stuffers? How about a Flask or two?

We have a new set of specialty tanks for you all!  A 10mL flask for Stud Pump and a 10L flask for Milkmade.

Stud Pump Flask Retail

Both of them have hold and drink animations which can be turned on and off, the lid can be open and closed. you can add your own logo to the lid of the flask. It can be resized to fit your avatar just the way you like!

MM Flask Retail

They are up for sale now so be sure to swing by :mused: and get one for yourself and maybe a few for some friends!

State of the mused address V

Hey Musers,

It’s Madeea bringing you this blog today so bare with me, I am not so eloquent with words as our beloved Cali is.  The point of this post is to hopefully answer a few questions and put to rest some of the rumors that I have heard going around about :mused:. (Be warned, there will be all sorts of grammatical errors and things of that sort. Apologies.)

First and foremost….

No, :mused: is not dead. We are not closing up shop and we don’t plan on doing that anytime soon.

Why would anyone think this?  Well, from my personal observation and information gathered from group chats the number one reason is the lack of contests/events.

I would like to say right away that contests are not gone forever. I would also like to point out that we are not in the entertainment business (although our products are quite… entertaining), we are not an event center and we are not dependent on contests and events to continue bringing you new products. In fact, that is partly what is slowing us down from bringing you the new items you as a community have requested for the MilkMade and StudPump Systems.

For those of you who don’t know, we are an EXTREMELY small team. We are not Walmart or a sweatshop based in China. We have one designer/3d modeler/store manager (Me), we have our completely-awesome-at-working-that-scripting-voodoo programmer/developer (Sarah), and we have a spectacular support team that addresses tickets, answering your questions and helping wherever they  can (Cali, Zin, Nova). So we have 5 people juggling direct issues relating to the store and our products. We would like to give a huge thank you to those that have supported us and have offered your time and knowledge to help us on this journey (for privacy sake I will leave those names out… but you know who you are. Thank you!)

To keep these contests running, I have to create new skins/meshes at your request to keep the prizes worth it… right? If we have 1 or more contests every month, my time to build new product meshes for MilkMade and Studpump, manage satellite locations and rentals, create all advertisements, update websites, manage all store aspects blah blah blah blah blah.. (the list goes on) is bled dry. Where in all that is there time for a RL… oh yea, we all have one of those too remember? I am a mother and a wife and RL just gets crazy, as I am sure many of you can relate to. Also, I have a new Weimaraner pup. Anyone that knows weims… knows how that can be. Love her to death but she is the pure definition of crazy.

So basically, I just don’t have the time to do it all. Nor does Sarah.

I have made the personal decision to hold off on contests for that reason. I am not sure when we will have them again but we will. I understand there is a demand for them because of the milk on the market etc. But remember, I can’t bring you the new products that will help the issue if all my time is going towards creating products for people to win in contests plus create the promotional advertisements for those items/events. Yes, I know what you’re going to say… and I have hired Event Coordinators, and Graphic Designers but we all know the nature of SL and work for hire. The turnover rate is not ideal and I just simply do not have the time to constantly train new employees. This does not mean I am giving up the hunt for those unicorns…  but contests are just not my priority right now.

Which brings me to the next topic I would like to address. I have seen people complain in group or tickets about profits and how they just aren’t making money using the :mused: systems. If that is the sole purpose of why you got into one of the :mused: systems then to each their own and I am sorry that you are not raking in the dough you thought you would. The problem is not with the systems themselves or with us as the creators of the system. The problem is simply the false idea that these systems were made with a get rich quick scheme in mind. That’s not what they were made for. I first made them because at the time I was not happy with the sculpted (yes, sculpted) breast selection on the market for personal wear. One thing lead to another and working with my other half Sarah in our dynamic duo, the breasts were built and coded with a bit of kinky fun added. That was it. Simply built for enjoyment.

Thanks to the community feedback and suggestions the system has evolved into what it is now. It’s always evolving.

On that note, I will move right along to the next topic:

Mesh Breasts? What happened?  Mesh bodies. Mesh bodies happened. They are awesome, I love ’em. They have great breasts and we finally moved out of the sculpted/attached phase with some jiggly goodness added in. Why reinvent the wheel?

I do have the mesh breasts already built however. But it comes down to efficiency. Sarahs focus needs to be on fixing aspects of the system that need adjusting and things that break with code. My focus needs to be on bringing you new interactive items for each system and maintaining the store. People have managed to mod and create kits for the community so they can easily hide the sculpted breasts for use with these lovely new mesh bodies and I find that fantastic. So we have decided to go with the community suggestion of supplying various stand alone mesh pump options. Before you get too hyped up, there is no release date on those. Remember, focus.

We still plan on releasing mesh breasts at some point, however we are keeping those on the back burner until we start the next phase of evolving MilkMade and StudPump with the integration of fertility possibilities among the systems. It would be more efficient to hang onto the mesh breasts until then so that we can better code/test how they will work with lactation and the pregnancy cycle.

If you refer back to some of our prior state of the mused address posts you can see we have managed to check off quite a few of those boxes and we will continue to try to provide new fun items for you to enjoy. Just a reminder: The posts do not provide product lists or release dates. Nothing is set in stone. All is subject to change as we really get into the bones of developing the ideas.

Lately we have had some delay in response to your ticket submissions and we truly apologize for that. Some changes LL made trickled down and effected the systems creating some issues we are trying to nail down. What’s new, right? That is always an uphill battle. On top of that we’ve had some asshats trying to just make a mess of things and rip customers off because they are bored with nothing better to do. Also nothing new there. Because of people like that, we have to take the extra time to implement methods to better protect you. We want you to keep enjoying yourself and the systems. Time. Everything takes time.

So, we really appreciate the patience that you all have had while we get things sorted. Really.

I know there are a number of things that just seem wonky right now but trust us we are working hard to get them weeded out and resolved. Please be kind to my staff when they are trying to assist you. It will get you farther. I am a zero tolerance for bullshit type of person. Which is why I don’t make a great PR rep.

I think that will be enough for now, that wraps up what I wanted to talk about off the top of my head. Play nice everyone, please keep enjoying yourselves and the systems.

We will continue to work at evolving the systems and bringing balance while integrating new possibilities.

Family Tome 1.10

Over the next day we will be updating the family tome to version 1.10. If you own a family your older tome will be disabled when it is rezzed. At that time you will be sent a replacement 1.10 tome. This tome will only be sent once. If you decline the item you will need to submit a support ticket. There are many changes to the new tome. A full list of new features can be found below.

Watch for more information.

How to Update:

–  Old tomes will be disabled when rezzed.
–  A new tome will be sent ONCE when the old tome is disabled.
–  If  you accidently decline the tome you will need to submit a ticket.

Whats new:


  • Send milk to family members. This applies to their milk drank
  • New tome look with open and closed option
  • Mesh build with materials
  • burn particle and texture for deleted families
  • Better error reporting

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug setting timer when no family is set
  • Fixed text box referring to /1
  • Fix entering name, allow for first.last format
  • Refactored tank on parcel code
  • Better object on parcel detection
  • Lots of memory saving modifications

Please check out our :mused: life manual that contains items used by all our systems for more information on how to use your new


Satellite Store Locations Applications

Hey musers!

I am sure most of you are aware we have vendors placed at different locations around the grid. The goal of these locations is to provide greater access to the vendors, to help new customers find us, and to make getting your :mused: items easier for everyone. We have decided to make the process for how to pick these locations a little bit organized. As such we will be taking applications from anyone interested in having one of our satellite stores on their region. We will be accepting application until Nov 7th 2016, No application received after this will be considered. All current locations do not need to submit an application however they are not guaranteed to keep the vendors.

The first step in the process will be to submit a ticket:

  • Select support from your in world product or the support office terminal.
  • Select “new ticket” and then if given the option select category “other”
  • In the title put “Application: Name of the location” Where the name of the location is the name of your farm/RP area/milk market. (there is a 50 character limit on the title of the ticket abbreviate accordingly if needed)
  • In the body of the ticket provide this information: (you can use add event to add more information if you reach the character limit, 255 characters. Any application that is missing some of this information will not be considered.)
    • Type: What is your location? a milk market, a farm, an RP area?
    • Location: SLurl link to the *exact location* on your region where the vendors would be placed.
    • Contact: The SL account name(s) of the person(s) who manage the location and would be our point of contact regarding the location.
    • Cost: The amount of money that you would be charging :mused: to rent the space if any.
    • Land Impact: the amount of land impact that would be allowed for our vendors and decorations.
    • Land groups: Is there a group that is needed to rez on your land?
    • Hosting: Would you want to host Drinking contests at your location? yes, no, under what conditions? (please note that do to some back end code security updates our drinking contest system has been down and we do not have an eta on its being brought back up as we have had to take time away from completing those updates to work on more in world security issues.)

Once you have placed the ticket a member of the staff will review the location. If it meets our needs then it will be referred to the owners for final approval. Those that are selected will be contacted and the vendors placed. The final list will be announced and the buy in world links on the website updated within the next week of November.

Things to consider when applying. Is your location active? Is your location decorated and professional looking? Do you think you offer something unique to the community?

We thank everyone for their interest in this and look forward to seeing the lovely places you have created!

Version 1.20 Bonus Item Change Sept 6 2016

(edit oct 25, 2016: we are no longer replacing older items as it has past the deadline of Oct 21st.)

Due to an influx of duplicated bonus items hitting the market we have made a temporary change to the way bonus items work.

We will be requiring all bonuses to be used by the person who purchased them or who were gifted them from a :mused: vendor. This means you will not be able to purchase bonus items second hand or transfer them once bought and any bonus item older than 1.20 will no longer work. (Edit: of note the objects in SL will still show transfer but the script will not work for someone who did not buy it.) This is an unfortunate step we did not want to have to take but our long term fix for this issue is something that will take more time than we feel is reasonable to address the problem. We hope to have the long term fix ready within a month so hopefully this change will not impact everyone for too long.

(All the bonus items are currently corrected except for the  Elixirs and Vitamin D which we should have back up and ready within the next day or so.)

As with our last change to Hormones over a year ago we will be offering replacements for bonus items bought recently from :mused: This offer will be good for 6 weeks. We will no longer be replacing bonus items at all after Oct 21st.

To submit a ticket to get your bonus items replaced:

  • Click you support menu on your breasts, HUD or the support terminal in the support building.
  • Select “New Ticket”
  • Select “Bonus Item” category
  • In the text box put your ticket title, Such as “Bonus Item replacement”
  • In the next text box explain what bonus items your have recently purchased from :mused: that you need replaced and how many of each.

Your ticket is submitted and your ticket number will be given to you in local chat! If you don’t get a ticket number you will need to resubmit the ticket.

(edit: If you did not buy the items then please return them to the person how did so they can put in the ticket, If that is not possible then please let us know who you got it from and if possible a rough date for when it was purchased to aid us in looking it up.)

Your ticket will be responded to in the order they are received and you will be expected to provide the bonus items you are having replaced to the staff member who is managing your request. We hope to be able to work through these as quickly as possible and to get our long term solution out to you as well. We are grateful for your patience and understanding as we try to mitigate the negative impact these duplicated items have had.


Important EDIT:  THE MUSED WAREHOUSE, Surreal North – Moderate

We have as of yet not been able to get this location removed. please do not buy from this location or sparklea.



:mused:’s 5th Birthday!

Hey musers!

5th Birthday

We are celebrate 5 years of :mused: and to do so we will be having drinking contests and raffles all weekend! As well as a Sale in :mused: Home Store Location!

We will have everything but tanks and Pharmacy items marked down 30% from May 20th – to 22nd .

5th Birthday (2)

Be sure to read about how the raffles and drinking contests work in this post so you are familiar with the process


We will be drawing raffles to give away this stein. We will be pull 3 winners of each type each night for 6 total chances to win.

  • To be entered into the milk raffle just drink 2 L of milk before 6 pm but after 12 am
  • To be entered into the semen raffle just drink 2 mL of semen before 6 pm but after 12 am

The raffles will be drawn at 6 pm on May. 20th, 21st, and 22nd. The winners will be contacted with how to claim their prize and they will be announced by 7 pm.

Drinking Contests!

The Drinking contests will be on :mused: at the published times. You can drink milk and/or semen for the contests winners get their choice of Stud pump items or milkmade items regardless of what type of drinks that are taken.

All times in SLT

  • May 20th: 2 pm
  • May 21st: 10 am and 2 pm
  • May 22nd: 10 am and 2 pm

Drinking contest tiers:

Under 25 Liters total consumed top three all get a :mused: lover top or a Rigged mesh top in knotted Berry or Lemon.

25 Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Top &  Spring Forage or Minotaur serum
  • 2nd- Top & Volumax or Whale Fat
  • 3rd- Top

50 Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Volumax & hormone or Whale Fat & Powdered Horn
  • 2nd- Volumax & spring forage or Whale Fat & Minotaur Serum
  • 3rd- Volumax or Whale Fat

100 Total Consumed:

  • 1st- 2016 5th Birthday Stein
  • 2nd- Volumax & hormone or Whale Fat & Powdered Horn
  • 3rd- Volumax & spring forage or Whale Fat & Minotaur Serum

500 Total Consumed:

  • 1st- 2016 5th Birthday Stein & Hormone or Powdered Horn
  • 2nd- 2016 5th Birthday Stein & Spring Forage or Minotaur Serum
  • 3rd- Hormone & Spring Forage or Powdered Horn & Minotaur Serum

1000 Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Any active limited edition prize tank* or 2016 5th Birthday Stein & Hormone & Spring Forage or Powdered Horn & Minotaur Serum
  • 2nd- 2016 5th Birthday Stein & Hormone or Powdered Horn
  • 3rd- 2016 5th Birthday Stein

2500 Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Pick two Any active limited edition prize tank*, 2016 5th Birthday Stein
  • 2nd-Any active limited edition prize tank* or 2016 5th Birthday Stein &  5 pack of Hormone or 5 Pack of Powdered Horn
  • 3rd- 2016 5th Birthday Stein & 5 pack of Spring Forage or5 Pack of Minotaur Serum
  • 4th- 2016 5th Birthday Stein

5000 Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Pick two Any active limited edition prize tank*, 2016 5th Birthday Stein & 2 LacMax or 2 Dragon Blood
  • 2nd-Any active limited edition prize tank* or 2016 5th Birthday Stein & 2 LacMax or 2 Dragon Blood
  • 3rd- 2016 5th Birthday Stein & Lacmax or Dragon Blood
  • 4th- 2016 5th Birthday Stein  &  5 pack of Hormone or 5 Pack of Powdered Horn
  • 5th – 2016 5th Birthday Stein
Further prizes maybe given at the discretion of the staff running the contest depending upon totals drank past top tier. (such prizes in the past have included extending prizes to another winner, giving more or larger tanks)

*List of Limited Edition tanks to chose from: