:mused: Full Breasts v1.5

:mused: Full Breasts v1.5


Hud or Touch menu controlled.

Natural slope, full breast shape for those that do not prefer the HP Overfilled Implant look.

Nipple “Leash/Owner” options.
Bounce on movement: /1 bounce on and /1 bounce off to turn this feature on and off.

Lactate feature can be controlled by touch menu. Clicking either left or right nipple will give you 3 options : Drip, Squeezed, Stream.
Owner lock for owner use only or unlock to allow others to activate lactation.
Squeezed Lactation acts as a particle “poofer” and streams milk upon logging on/offline, teleporting etc.

:mused: Full Breasts are capable of being sized very small or very large to fit various av shapes and sizes.

Includes :mused: Full Breasts Helpful Guide for getting started with your new breasts.

*Special Developer Pack included to customize breasts even further or sell creations for :mused: Full Breasts in your own store.

• 217 skin tone options
• 76 normal nipple options
• 76 soft edge nipple options
• nipple option for use with “see through” tops
• 30 nipple textures for solid nipples
• 3 bras each in black and white
• 2 t-shirts
• tube top
• oil layers (light/heavy)
• tattoo layer (L&R)
• nipple tape
• 4 piercings
• spilled fluids layer
• leash/owner options
• bounce on movement
• lactation features
• cow spot included
• skin blend layers
• hud / menu controlled
• customize textures
• shirt layer supportive of 3rd party texture appliers (eCorp,iboobs,eboobs,lolas!)

Included Developer Pack:
(For more details see included Developer Info note card)
• 8 texture applicator objects
• samples for clothes
• developer demo breasts

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