:mused: Milk Made – Update to cheating policy

In light of recent information gained, we have decided to update our cheating policy. Previously our policy only considered bot software. We are now expanding it to cover anything that automates the milking process.

Milk Made was designed from the start to require a level of user interaction. Avoiding the engorged penalty adds a sense of immediacy and helps to level the playing field. Anything used to circumvent human interaction will be deemed cheating.

In order to enforce this cheating rule we will begin a verification process. We will be asking users who create more than an average amount of milk in one day to verify that there is a human at the keyboard.

Initially we will be verifying users after they have generated milk for around eight hours. Users will have three chances to complete the verification challenge. If a user does not complete the challenge their lph (ability to create milk) will be set to zero.

This policy is subject to change as we see fit to maintain integrity of the milk market.

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