Personal Assistant :Wanted Dead or Alive:

Basically… I am need of a slave with skills (how good are your bow staff skills?). If you happen to be a zombie, that is bad arse. Anyway joking aside, except for the slave part, I am in need of someone that has ALL of these traits:

  • Can photoshop in their sleep (needless to say also have access to photoshop)
  • Knows what good composition is
  • Has a great artistic eye
  • Is a great shopper with a sense of style
  • Has a passion for shopping for new looks
  • Great with keeping schedules / staying organized
  • Currently not employed by another employer
  • Can coordinate events/planning
  • Can feed me grapes and fan me
  • Answer to my every call
  • Deal with possible sexual harassment in the work place.

Ok so, I’m pretty flexible on the last few listed there.

So if you would like to apply for this position, I will need from you a few things exactly as stated.

**Notice: The blogger positioned has been filled.. I am no longer taking applications for this position. Thank you for your submissions.

A notecard with:

  • Your SL User Name as the notecard name as well as listed within the notecard itself.
  • Time Zone
  • Amount of hours per week in SL
  • Native Language and do you speak english fluently?
  • ONE Before and ONE After image of yourself. (Unedited and Edited snapshot submissions please.)
  • $$ Your rates$$ How much will you charge me to make you my slave and put up with my torture? and how often are you available/willing to work?

Be creative, be fashionable, be skilled like a ninja in the arts of image manipulation and of course be sexy. I said SEXY people. I’m not really caring to see you boning in the woods or pornographic material as fun as that is. But if you can bring out your sex appeal fully clothed, you got skills. I am especially looking at how you clean up an avatar and its unsightly cankles and wrist tumors. (like liquify tool use or w/e your techniques may be.) I’m also looking at how your avatar looks, your clothing, your shape, your fashion sense. So pull out all your arsenal. You may or may not be used in the photos you will be editing. But I need to see your standards are held to the same bar as mine. (We are not hiring models.)

Applicants can be male or female, but if your male.. you better be pretty damn fabulous. As in you own more pairs of shoes than the average woman, fabulous. Well, you better be pretty damn fabulous either way male or fem really so I know your sense of taste is up to par.

You will be editing and cleaning up photographs needed for blogs or advertisement as well as be my personal “gofer”. If I am looking for new items to use/wear in a new look for my blog for personal posts or store images, you would be the one to hunt down these items for me and listen to me complain and say no to 90% of them until we found that perfect match I was looking for.

Grueling I know.. but I do have a sweatshop to run here people. ;P

I will contact those with most potential for an interview. I am looking to fill this position very quickly so I will be closing submissions once I have gathered a good amount of applications to choose from and will post notice that I am no longer accepting new submissions.

Link to mailbox to submit your application :

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