2013 :mused: Easter Egg Hunt


Hey musers!

We have MORE gifts for you all! I know we are totally spoiling you. You will find Easter Eggs hidden all around the region for this weekend only. Like the Pot of Gold the eggs will rehide themselves when found to keep everyone on their toes but you can know that you have already found an egg because they will all be different colors. For the added help keeping track you can get our Easter egg hunting basket, when you find an egg it will appear in your basket. (We have included two full baskets, two different hold animations, with just the hold script for you to wear with out needing to find all the egg if you wish to have it for outfits.)easter hunt

You can find the baskets for sale for 0L$ near the landing point and in the shop. The Bunny suit can be found in one egg the rest all have a different color of the toys, the :mused: Easter rabbit “Thumper” and some egg lollypops. We have also included a notecard with instructions for how to mod your breasts to put the Thumper in as your cleavage toy.

We have a few days left on the St Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt which runs until the end of the month as well as the Whore Couture Fair 2 so be sure to check out both if you have not yet.

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