Meet Zindonas: Support Admin

Hey musers!

If you remember we have spent the last couple weeks getting to know our staff a little better I have already introduced our newest staff member Nova Slivermaple (reiger.fang) and Kira Hotness (kira.zobel). This week we have our support administrator Zindonas Loxingly.

Zin_001 copy

A little about Zin:

“The cake is a lie.”

How will people usually see you, (do you have an avatar you prefer?)

“I change avatars a lot you might see me as a number of different things from a dragon, to an ushi, to demoness or whatever I am in the mood for that day.”

What do you enjoy about milkmade?

“I enjoy modding my avatar and milkmade gives me a verity of options and handles mods well.  Also milk is a nice perk as well.”

Why did you decide you wanted to join the :mused: staff?

“I was very involved in the closed beta before the open release and when Mad and Sarah approached me about taking on a support role after release I was glad to help and stay involved with the development side of things.”

What do you hope to accomplish/ contribute to :mused:?

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