Hunt for the Cure Participaing Vendor information 2013

First and for most we want to thank you all for participating in this hunt to help raise both money and awareness for breast cancer.

As you all saw in the notecard we sent to you we are encouraging hints to be given, the dead line for those is September 15th. If, after doing my final walk though of the hunt, I feel a shop’s or hunt item’s location might present some confusion to hunters I may add an additional “organizer’s tip” to make sure people have a idea of where to look.

We are accepting Hunt Item preview images that will be featured on our blog as well if you wish to submit one the dead line for that would be September 30th, they will go live on the blog on Oct 1st with the start of the hunt.

Once you have your hunt item ready, or you know where you will be hiding it please send me, (cali ciaco) an IM with a link to its slURL: I will be doing an initial walk through on or around September 15th to be sure that the hunt signs are out and that all provided locations for the shops are accurate, then a final walk through the day before the hunt goes live (September 30th) any shops that do not have their hunt item out and ready by then will be excluded from the list.

To set up the hunt item you need to:

  1. Box up your hunt gift. (We request that if you were or are selling the gift in your store it would be worth at least 200$L you may put in more than one gift if you wish but they need to be boxed together, the script will give the first object in the ribbons inventory so for the full gift to be delivered there needs to be only one object in inventory.)
  2. Rez the Hunt ribbon.¬†It will say “Please place the hunt gift object inside me, then touch me to reset.” Edit it and place your gift in its inventory.
  3. Touch the Ribbon. It will reset the script and prompt you for vender permissions. (If you would rather use an alternative account for this please send the name of that avatar to cali ciaco)
  4. Once permission has been given it will now be set up. When payed it will send 10L$ to you and then the money will be forwarded to :mused: (musedskynet), the gift will be given to the person who paid it and they will see “Thank you for your donation here is your gift.”

Please message Cali ciaco if you have any questions or concerns.

We will be posting the weekly total donated as well as the top five shops we are getting donations from every Sunday for duration of the Hunt and the final totals and top five on November 2nd after the hunt is over.

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  1. I think it would be a good idea to post pictures of the items on the page or in each store

  2. Are applications for the hunt still being accepted?

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