:mused: Town Square Grand Opening: More than a Hunt

Hey musers! With The Hunt For The Cure starting up today I wanted to let you know about some of the other things :mused: is doing to help raise money and awareness for the cause in addition to the grid-wide hunt that started today. On Friday October 4th we will be having a party to celebrate the Grand Opening of “Club Milk” in our event and rp area “:mused: Town Square”. It will run from 1:30 SLT to around 7:30 SLT. Starting at this event and running until the end of the month we will be having a “Tail sale” run as a silent auction. You can donate whatever services or skills you would like to be auctioned off.


  • The sale will be held silently. Meaning there is no specific date or time you need to be at the sim.
  • All bid money will be going to charity to support those with breast cancer.
  • Participants may bid on other participants. Just make sure your service times do not clash.
  • You may choose to either offer your “play” services or “skills” such as drawing, avatar creation, etc.


  • You will have until November 1st to place your bids. Simply pay the board of the person you wish you bid on.
  • If you are out-bid, you will be notified and refunded on the spot so that you may bid again.
  • You may bid on more than one participant in the tail sale.
  • There are *no* refunds after the sales end.

Message Cali Ciaco for more information and an application. I will be blogging about this again before the event so keep an eye out for that.

You can also buy a set of balloons and an awareness ribbon for 1 linden that will go the support the charity. We also have a donation center set up just outside the door of the shop. There are two types of donation boards available. One for donating any linden amount you wish directly and we also have a milk donation option where you can donate your milk or purchase donated milk. All proceeds from the sale of donated milk will go to charity.  Again, you will get another post on this when the event Friday is ready to roll but I just wanted to give you all a heads up one some of what will be going on around here at :mused:!

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