Siphon update to start Tuesday Oct 15th

Hey musers,

The siphon update was delayed by some of the other things going on with the system but we are ready to go for tomorrow!

We will begin updating the milkmade siphon to version 1.12. This is a maintenance release with a couple bugs fixed.

Update includes:

  • Fix to ‘too many listens’ script error
  • pagination for tanks selection, for browsing more than 10 tanks on a parcel.

To get this update, simply rez an existing siphon. It will be deleted upon rez, and a new siphon will be sent. This is the only way to get the update and all siphons older than 1.12 will be deleted when rezzed. If your siphon deletes but you do not receive the new siphon, please submit a support ticket. If you have more than four siphons, you can also submit a ticket to have staff update your siphons.

Please bear in mind that SL deliveries are not always as quick as they should be and to be patient. If you have not gotten it after 20min please do put in a ticket and we will be glad to assist you.

Edit *this is now in effect and you should see the update come when you rez your siphon if not please put in a support ticket*

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