Mused Life Blog in 2014

Hey musers,

I ended up on an unplanned break, I am sorry for my absence. I wanted to let you know we have some changes for the blog coming in 2014. The first of which is no “pin up of the month”. We had a huge taper off of submissions near the end of the year and so we will not be continuing it into the next year. I will also be posting blogs every other week rather than weekly. I want to keep giving you content that is useful and enjoyable, but I do not think that weekly blogs are needed for this. I will be reducing the frequency but will continue to provide you with fresh, information rich news as it becomes available.

We have Christmas top appliers available for milk in shop (not new but a reminder if you don’t have them already but do want them) and Egg Nog should be making a reappearance in the double taps this holiday season so drink up! Cheers!

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