:mused: Drinking Contests and Raffles

Standard Drinking Contests:

  • :mused: does not provide milk or semen for these contests. What is drank must be from your own tanks or bought from others. Tanks may be rezed during the contests to drink or sell from so long as they are not in the way and their owner is with them. The current return timer for the region will still be in effect renters should not use the land group to rez tanks out side of what is permitted for their rental.
  • For each contest there will be published times and dates as well as announcements in groups. Unless other wise stated contests last 1 hour.
  • For each contest the top three drinkers (or more at top tiers) at the end of the hour will be awarded prizes based on the tier that was unlocked.
  • The prize tiers are based on the total amount of milk and/or semen drank on the region where the contest takes place, during the competition time and are published with the contest times. Each tier is exclusive, meaning they don’t add up but rather replace the previous tier. If total drank passes published tiers the staff member who is running the contest may choose to add extended tiers. (ex: more winners, more or larger tanks, extending the milking bonus time or increasing its amount etc.)
  • We will count amount drank as 1L of milk = 1mL of semen = 1 drink. You can drink both milk and semen in any given contest and both will count to your total. This displays on the board under amount and at the bass it has the total of everything that was drink in the contests (see below)
  • All drinking must be done on the host region to count toward the drinking contest. (however leaving region or relogging does not remove you from the contest)
  • Ties are broken by life time consumed but may be treated as unbroken at the discretion of the staff member running the competition.
  • During contests we may have a region wide lactation bonus of 10% going. (this bonus stacks with hormones or spring forage)
  • Non standard contests maybe held and the conditions of those contests will be communicated as they take place.
  • The board totals are final for contest results.


At the end of a standard drinking contest that has at least 10 names on the board. One person who has drank in the contest but was not one of the winners will be randomly selected to win one of the LE prizes. Any amount drank counts so long as it was in the contest.

Get to know your contest board! (newly updated Jan, 2016)Contests 101

 Want to host a drinking contest?

send a notecard to Cali Loxingly (cali.ciaco) with the following information:

  1. Name of location:
  2. name of family: (if you have one)
  3. Name of contact:
  4. Surl:

Location must be open to visitors and have the ability to rez during the contest time. It must have a store, or mall, or milk /semen bar, or some other milking/milk related set up already in place to be considered. Final approval comes at the discretion of the :mused: staff and will consider things like locations: size, script performance, rating, neighbors, etc.


  • For each raffle the amount of milk or semen needed to enter will be published along with the raffle draw times and dates.
  • The length of time you have to drink (one day, one week etc) will be posted with the draw dates and times. Drinks count from 12am SLT of the day the raffle is being pulled or on the start date if it is more than one day.
  • only one entry per raffle per person (drinking more than the required amount will not enter give you another ticket)
  • you can drink both milk and semen to be entered into both raffles if they are separate.
  • Drinking can be done anywhere on the grid.
  • The winners will be announced and contacted, They will be given instructions on how to claim the prize. (any unclaimed prizes will be offered to users whose names are drawn in the raffle as a back up option.)
  • Any user can only win one of a limited edition item and should they be selected twice in different raffles another user will we selected in their place.

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