Server troubles and some down time

Hey musers,

As you are probably aware we have been having some rather poor (as in horrible) service from our server host. We have been working to migrate :mused: to a different provider this does take time and we are moving as fast as possible.

We will be moving this as soon as possible this evening and when we do it will take us down for about an hour. We will let you know as soon as we can when it will happen but I can not promise much advanced notice.

When the migration takes place please refrain from using anything in the milkmade system, breasts, tanks, and bonus items.  After migration the double tap will be down for about 48 hours. We had hoped to get the new server up and fully ready before the move and to give everyone a planed down time but the resent and frequent outages have pushed up our schedule some what.

Any losses you experience related to the move or the server outages please file a ticket when we are up and running again and we will replace it.

With all the crashes we have been having we will be turning of calcium depletion tonight.

We are grateful for your understanding and support.

(edit: we are unable to take all the steps needed to do the move tonight Sept 28th. but we will be making the move as soon as it is possible and will keep you updated.)

Edit Sept 29th:

We moved servers from Host gator to Amazon’s hosting in the middle of the night last night without the need of the anticipated 1 hour down time. As we moved as quickly as we could due to the poor service we were receiving a few of our services will be out until we can get them setup and working correctly with the new server.

The tank updating and double taps will be off line for the next 12 to 36 hours.

We apologize for the down time on these but are very relived to be on a stable sever to keep your data and milk safe and flowing.


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