BCA Pink Storage Tanks and Other Ways to Donate

We have a few ways you can donate to our charity drive for Breast Cancer Connections (you can check out their Charity Navigator Review for more information on them.)

First we have the Hunt for the Cure starting and all money from the hunt is donated.

We are also will be selling Pink Storage tanks for the month of October. 10% of the proceeds from these tanks will be donated. You can find the venders for these in the :mused: Town Square HFTC Tanks

Other ways you can Donate are:

Donate milk: You can donate milk into the milk donation sign, we wanted a way for those who did not have a lot of linden to be able to participate.

Buy donated milk -20$L Anyone looking to expand their storage and help a good cause can buy the donated milk from the milk donation sign.

Applier gotcha – 20L$ We have a gatcha set up to buy BCA appliers for the milkmade base tops both in front of the store and in the :mused: Town Square Like our other appliers these are not transferable.

BCA Applier Top Thumb Adv

Donate linden – 20L$ You can donate any amount but if you donate 20 or more linden you will receive a Thank you gift of a Fight Like a Girl Shirt. These are also set up in front of the store and in the :mused: Town Square Mused fight like a girl shirt adv

We are excited to be able to help those who are affected by this disease and invite you to join us.

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