Forth of July Limited Edition Rockets (For Sale)

Hey :musers!:

We wanted to celebrate the forth of July with a little more of a bang than usual. This year you can buy a limited edition Rocket Tank! We have a milkmade and a stud pump version that come in sizes 10L/mL, to 100L/mL and have some super fun features.

July 4th Rocket


These specialty items come packed with various effects. The fuse will ignite and launch a mini fireworks show upon fully filling the tank or you can manually ignite the fuse by clicking & holding down on the rocket.  Stars appear on the side to indicate volume with growing increment. A fun rocket ride animation is featured upon attach with streaming particles, both of which can be toggled on/off along with several other settings.

We will not be doing drinking contests or raffles for these. The community has asked that we make some limited edition items available to be bought rather than won, so here you go! We hope you enjoy them.

They will be for sale until the end of July. You are limited to one of each, per person.

These specialty vendors can be found just as you enter through the double doors of the main store July 3rd. Teleport to :mused:

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