Satellite Store Locations Applications

Hey musers!

I am sure most of you are aware we have vendors placed at different locations around the grid. The goal of these locations is to provide greater access to the vendors, to help new customers find us, and to make getting your :mused: items easier for everyone. We have decided to make the process for how to pick these locations a little bit organized. As such we will be taking applications from anyone interested in having one of our satellite stores on their region. We will be accepting application until May 28st 2016, No application received after this will be considered. All current locations do not need to submit an application however they are not guaranteed to keep the vendors.

The first step in the process will be to submit a ticket:

  • Select support from your in world product or the support office terminal.
  • Select “new ticket” and then if given the option select category “other”
  • In the title put “Application: Name of the location” Where the name of the location is the name of your farm/RP area/milk market. (there is a 50 character limit on the title of the ticket abbreviate accordingly if needed)
  • In the body of the ticket provide this information: (you can use add event to add more information if you reach the character limit, 255 characters. Any application that is missing some of this information will not be considered.)
    • Type: What is your location? a milk market, a farm, an RP area?
    • Location: SLurl link to the exact location on your region where the vendors would be placed.
    • Contact: The SL account name(s) of the person(s) who manage the location and would be our point of contact regarding the location.
    • Cost: The amount of money that you would be charging :mused: to rent the space if any.
    • Land Impact: the amount of land impact that would be allowed for our vendors and decorations.
    • Land groups: Is there a group that is needed to rez on your land?
    • Hosting: Would you want to host Drinking contests at your location? yes, no, under what conditions?

Once you have placed the ticket a member of the staff will review the location. If it meets our needs then it will be referred to the owners for final approval. Those that are selected will be contacted and the vendors placed. The final list will be announced and the buy in world links updated within the first week of June.

Things to consider when applying. Is your location active? Is your location decorated and professional looking? Do you think you offer something unique to the community?

We thank everyone for their interest in this and look forward to seeing the lovely places you have created!

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