:mused: Flasks For Sale!

Hey musers!

Looking for some last minute stocking-stuffers? How about a Flask or two?

We have a new set of specialty tanks for you all!  A 10mL flask for Stud Pump and a 10L flask for Milkmade.

Stud Pump Flask Retail

Both of them have hold and drink animations which can be turned on and off, the lid can be open and closed. you can add your own logo to the lid of the flask. It can be resized to fit your avatar just the way you like!

MM Flask Retail

They are up for sale now so be sure to swing by :mused: and get one for yourself and maybe a few for some friends!


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  2. […] our way to the end of this year with a Drinking Contest! As you probably saw we are now selling flasks for both milkmade and Stud Pump. And for this contest we have Limited Edition Green and Gold Flasks you can get your hands!  We […]

  3. […] (Pssst! see what she is holding? No not the puppy the flask! You can buy one! Check out the post about them here!) […]

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