Win a :mused: Milk Made Stein and other goodies

Hey musers!

We have a new :mused: 5L stein that is up for grabs no drinking contest required. The stein is available as a prize from our MilkShake game as well as some other great prizes. You can play the freeplay game or you can put some milk into the milk bank from your storage tank to try your hand at winning some spring forage, volumax, or the :mused: stein tank! Its a 5L tank like the milk bottles, it is refillable and reusable. You can set your own texture on the front, resize it, the lid opens and closes, and it has two different animations, one for holding and one for drinking!

Games set up in a side room of the main store (

Stein milkshake add

milkmade Spring Forage:

  • Liters to play- 0.25L
  • Pay out every- 24 hrs

milkmade Volumax:

  • Liters to play- 0.50L
  • Pay out every- 24 hrs

:mused: Milk Made Stein Tank 5L:

  • Liters to play- 1L
  • Pay out every- 1 wk

For more information the MilkShake game and milk bank you can read about it in our manual here

We have our first winner of is the :mused: Stein! And we have a new one up every week! Come and give it a shot!