:mused: New props for Halloween!

Hey Musers! While we have been working hard to update the sim and various system aspects I have been tinkering with learning Animesh. I have created a few fun things in the spirit of the season. Hope you enjoy! ♡ – Mad

:mused: Horror Eye Goblet

:mused: Horror Eye - Goblet

(Animated holdable prop)


:mused: Horror Eye Gacha

:mused: Horror Eye Gacha

Play now at :mused:

:mused: Halloween Party 2014

Happy Halloween musers!

As we bring our Second Hunt for the Cure to an end we will be having a Halloween party up at Club Milk!  It will run from 4-8pm SLT on November 1st following the Do it like a Dude release party that morning.

  • 4-6 Dylan Chiantell will start us off with some awesome music
  • 6-8 Kuhnrai will be DJing the second half and will finish us out strong!
  • Drinking contests at 5-6 and 7-8 pm
  • Best in Costume contest with some Magical prizes! 4-6, voting to 6:30
    • First prize will win a BCA stein and a 10L cauldron (seen in image below), second and third prize will win a 10L cauldron! Keep an eye out of these magical milk tanks to go on sale soon!

Halloween party 2

We will have a 10% region wide production bonus going for this event and we can’t wait to see you all there!

Up Coming Blog Posts

Hey musers,

So you may have noticed that September slipped into October with no pinup, that’s because we didn’t get any submitted. So for the coming weeks I have a couple requests for you guys:

  1. October Pin up: Theme is Perfect in Pink and will all this awesome pink things you guys are getting in the Hunt For The Cure I am sure you all can put together some sexy pictures. This blog post will go up Oct 28th, so I need the pictures by the 25th at the latest. (submission details here)
  2. Breast Friendly costumes: I am working on a blog post about where to do your Halloween shopping so let me know you favorite places to get dressed up from. This post is for Oct 21st so IM me (cali ciaco) your suggestions by then please.
  3. Costume Fashion Show: well not literally a show but you all can send me your sexy selves all dressed up for Halloween and I will post them on the blog on Nov 4th. You can send these in until the 3rd (you can email these like the pin ups or just pass me in world images whatever makes you happiest)

Thanks so much!


P.S. you guys I was just looking over some of the numbers from the Hunt since yesterday and all I can say is you all are amazing! more on those numbers on Sunday.