New Weekly Contests!

Hey musers,

We are experimenting with a new type of contest. These automatic contests run weekly ending Friday night. We hope everyone has a lot of fun with these and we will be making changes to them going forward as see what works and what does not.

  • How do I compete?

Drink milk. Or Drink Semen. Or Dispense Semen. All three contests are running and you can compete in all three.   NOTE: The drinks taken during a standard drinking contest time will not count toward the weekly contests.

  • Where do I do the drinking?

It can be done anywhere on the grid.

  • When should I drink?

The contest rolls over at Friday night into Saturday at midnight UTC, this is 5pm Friday PDT/SLT. You can drink at any point in the week from Friday 5:01pm-to Friday 5:00pm. However, we would like to remind everyone that Second Life is notoriously laggy and frequently will have delays in script communication and so its best not to wait until the last minute to drink in any of our contests as we can not fix SL. (edited to reflect daylight savings time changes. This will Always be based off of 12:00 AM UTC regardless of what time Zone SL is in.)

  • How do I win?

The top drinker or dispenser the week will win, at the moment we are only giving prizes to first place in each category. This might change depending on how much participation there is and what prizes we are offering.

  • How do I know how well I am doing?

We have a few information boards going up in the center of the :mused: Store ( These will let you see current contest information for all the contests that are running, and our previous winners.


  • What can I win?

We have a random selection of goodies that you can typically win from our standard drinking contests. At current we do not have any Limited Edition items in the prize pool but when that changes we will let you know. (probably)

  • How do I get my prize?

To claim your prize you just need to pop over to  :CLUB: Milk ( and select a prize box to have your random prize sent to you!


If you have any issues with any of this we ask that you put in a ticket so we can help address the problems as quickly as possible. How to Submit a ticket If you have any suggestions or ideas for what you want to see or how we can do it better please put in a suggestion ticket. Thank you all and we hope this is a lot of fun for everyone.