Milk Made v1.20 Released

We have released version 1.20 of the Milk Made breasts. Along with the update we have released some new products. We did our best to fix existing bugs while adding exciting new possibilities.  As always community input was crucial and we couldn’t do it without you.

Updated items

  • Milk Made Breasts v1.20
  • Appearance HUD v1.05

New Items

  • Double Tap – Sell a variety of drinks
  • Hosed Interaction – Take a spray in the face
  • DozeX – 31 days of no calcium depletion
  • Applier Adjustment HUD – Get your applied clothing just right
  • Milk Exchange – Buy :mused: items with milk

We are also offering a special gift to all our Milk Made customers.  All users are allowed one of these beneficial gifts. If you are hypocalcemic, you will receive a dose of vitamins free. If you are healthy, enjoy a nice cold 5L carton of milk on us.  Come by the store and visit the “First Aid” dispenser at the :mused: creamery pharmacy to receive your gift! (milk available for a limited time only)

Fixes / Updates

  • New soft nipple
  • New Appearance HUD
  • Fixed Lactation lock not keeping on relog
  • API now reports on [Hide All]
  • Open Collar Fixes
  • Replace leash holder with adjusted one so chain goes from ring
  • Fixed chaining multiple breast users together
  • Add OC script delete for milk servant
  • Fixed Lactation Walk bug
  • Network outage reported via llOwnerSay vs llSetText on breast 1.123
  • Does not show skin layers when applier is used
  • Now reports ‘Active’ in local
  • Droop Teat on login bug
  • Dynamic particle loading for future particle customization
  • Master search in lowercase works
  • Lactaton button icon updated
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