Web HUD Beta

Hey musers,

We are working on an update to the Web HUD that will prepare the :mused: platform for a whole slew of new functionality. We will be consolidating all :mused: HUDs into this one to rule-them-all. We are ready to start the first phase of testing. In the initial release you will find easier access to your key stats and if you own a master HUD give you access to the key features of it as well.


If you want to help test this new update then attach your Web HUD and if you see the message “New BETA HUD is available to you for testing. This HUD is experimental and may have bugs and is not documented. Click here if you would like to test the beta HUD” then you have the chance to do so.



To break down the message a little bit, what this means is that the HUD is not in a condition that were are ready to release it yet. Testing the HUD means that if you have any problems with it or encounter bugs that you will put in a ticket notifying us of the bug so we can correct it.  An example ticket might look like this

Title: Bug in new Web HUD

Body: When attempting to send bonus item to another user it gave the send message but they never received it. They did get the pop up saying I sent it though. We tried a few times on a couple different regions with the same result.

The lack of documentation means that we do not have a manual for it published yet as it is not a current product. It should be pretty self explanatory to use but if you do not think so and have questions putting in a ticket with those can help us to write a better manual as well as weed out bugs.

So if you can test it and want to help out please give it a shot and let us know what you think.


Some Stud Pump and Dharma Changes

Hey musers!

We have been looking our dharma calculations and decided that we need to tweak a few things.

The first modification changes the way dispensing is applied to the Master’s stat. When the Stud Pump system was new we wanted to encourage use through a large dispensing bonus. Over time Stud Pump dharma contribution has fallen out of balance. The current set up was encouraging people to use it as a way to game the system and increase stats in a way not consistent with system use. The value of the dispensing stat is being reduced as it applies to Dharma calculations.

The second modification allows servants storage stat to contribute to their master in addition to their highest point value. We always intended it to work this way but have had some issues getting it to apply correctly. It should be now.

Highest Dharma Points + Storage Points = Points to Master

The third is an increase the Stud Pump weekly limit. We have watched production for a while now and we are comfortable with raising the base limit. This will put the weekly limit to 7,000 µL per week without any modifications from milk drinking or bonus items.

If you notice any issues with these changes as always please put in a support ticket so we can address it as soon as possible. Happy milking!

Double Tap update version 1.08

A new double tap update version 1.08 is now out and can be bought in the store. We improved a few things and fixed a too many listens error.

New features and improvements:

  • Tank linking improved
  • Mesh mugs
  • Lower land impact tap (5 LI)
  • Tap made transfer

Bug fixes

  • script error fixed

To get an update to previously bought double taps you can go to our website here http://www.musedcreamery.com/tap-update/

If you have bought a double tap, or more, then your purchased taps will show in a list. You can click to have the updated double tap sent to you. Once it has been sent it will be removed from the list. If you have no taps to update then the page will display “Tap Update No updates available”

The older Double Taps will be shut of at the end of the month July 31, 2015 so be sure to get your updates before then to keep them all working.

Edit: As we have encountered some issues with the way the website is pulling the double tap information we have extended this dead line two weeks to August 14th and will push it back again if we need to so that we can properly get this resolved.

If you experience any problems with this update please put in a support ticket (how to submit a ticket)

Hormone Update 1.10

Hey musers,

We have become aware of a potential security issue with the hormones as such we are going to be doing an emergency update. This is for hormones only and it does not impact other bonus items in milkmade or Stud Pump.

The new hormones are 1.10 and are currently in the vendors so any hormones bought from now on will be fine but any hormones 1.09 or older will only work until the evening of Monday May 11th.

After this date you can put in a ticket for hormone replacement which will be reviewed on a case by case bases at the discretion of the staff.  (Just a reminder for How to submit a ticket if you need it)

We will no longer replace older hormones after August 7th.

Happy (and secure) milking!

:mused: Master HUD update Version 1.08

Hey musers,

Like the breasts we have an update to the Master HUD that will help it work with the Stud Pump system.


  • support for Stud Pump servants
  • Join, Master and search now open a text box rather than requiring a response in local.
  • Like the breasts adding a master no longer requires
  • Generation has been updated to Dharma
  • Timer on ticket submission increased to 1 hour for both the subject and the body text boxes.

Bug fix:

  • manual links to correct documentation page.

To get this update wear your current Master HUD and it should be automatically sent to you. Should you have any issues with this you can put in a support ticket.