:mused: Group – No longer open enrollment

If you missed this group notice that was sent out, here is explanation of why you were ejected from the group:

We have made the decision to reserve this group for users currently renting a merchant or milk stall unit on the :mused: sim. Visit our subscription group terminal and join to keep posted on the latest news and release information. (This “subscription” group does not use one of your SL Group slots.)

All members will now be ejected from this group excluding users who are registered through our rental payment devices. (Contact a member of staff to add additional occupants of your rental back to group.)

You can also join the :mused: Creamery group to connect and socialize with other users of the “Milk Made” system, new friends and family.
Please join the  :mused: “Milk Commerce” group if you are looking to sell/trade your milk with other users of “Milk Made”

(If you are a merchant and were ejected an invite should follow, if not please contact a member of staff)

These invitation terminals can be found by use of the teleport link directly to the terminal.


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