:mused: Chat Moderators

Hey musers,

As I am sure you probably remember we put out a blog post with the basics of what we expect from people in our group chats. Some basic guidelines for polite behavior to make sure :mused: has the best community possible. With that goal in mind we have brought on some chat moderators who you will be seeing in chat to help.

  • Eversky Aeon – Group Chat Administrator
  • Darla Watanabe – Group Moderator
  • Trin1 Resident – Group Moderator

As always support issues will still be handled through our support ticket system however they can help answer questions and generally make sure that our group chats have the best environment possible.

It’s :mused: 2nd Birthday!

Hey musers,

Guess what! :mused: turns 2 years old today! It has been a wonderful two years too. We could not be happier with the community that has grown up around the shop and our products. We feel beyond lucky, you all are great! We are looking forward to another great year with a bunch of big things in store for you all and I for one can’t wait!

mused birthdayTo celebrate we are having a Sale! 25% off everything excluding the pharmacy and the tanks.

The sale will run from midnight to midnight SLT May 20th only so be sure to stop by or tell your friends. Also be sure to check group notices for a little gift that we put together for you all.

(Sales apply to home store location only)

Group Etiquette Creamery and Commerce

We have two public groups for :mused: and we are generally very pleased with the way our community is helpful, open, and polite. However we felt we would be remiss if we did not lay out some general guidelines for the sort of things that we would like to see or not see in these groups.

:mused: creamery:

This group is meant to be a social one. It is a place to hang out, ask questions, get to know other players, find families or masters and generally connect with other users of the system and our staff. While we have no problem with people sharing that their family is looking for more members or that they are seeking a master or other similar posts in this chat it should not be spammy. Probably no more than once a day, and we recommend if you can hitting different times of the day when you do post as people often are only able to play during the same time frames regularly and so by posting in the morning one day and the afternoon the next you are more likely to have a wider group of people see your message. This is not a support group while many of your questions can be answered by other group members, if you need help from a support staff member we request that you put in a ticket via our support system, if for some reason this does not work for you please IM a staff member directly though they may not always be available which is why we have the support system in place.

:mused: Milk Commerce :

This group is meant for trading and selling things related to the :mused: milkmade system. Mostly milk and tanks, but if you were looking to sell a servant or a family this would be the place to do it. We do not have a problem with you advertising milkmade related products but please do keep in mind this is not your shop group and to keep such posts to a minimum. If you are advertising your milk, tanks or similar game related items please do not post more than once per hour as we wish to keep the group informative but not spammy. Negotiations of sales should be done in IMs and discussions of value, sales techniques and other conversation type things should be done in the creamery chat so that those trying to advertise do not get drowned out.

And as Will Wheaton says, “Don’t be a dick.

:mused: Group – No longer open enrollment

If you missed this group notice that was sent out, here is explanation of why you were ejected from the group:

We have made the decision to reserve this group for users currently renting a merchant or milk stall unit on the :mused: sim. Visit our subscription group terminal and join to keep posted on the latest news and release information. (This “subscription” group does not use one of your SL Group slots.)

All members will now be ejected from this group excluding users who are registered through our rental payment devices. (Contact a member of staff to add additional occupants of your rental back to group.)

You can also join the :mused: Creamery group to connect and socialize with other users of the “Milk Made” system, new friends and family.
Please join the  :mused: “Milk Commerce” group if you are looking to sell/trade your milk with other users of “Milk Made”

(If you are a merchant and were ejected an invite should follow, if not please contact a member of staff)

These invitation terminals can be found by use of the teleport link directly to the terminal.