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BeWbAPaLoOZa is “A new monthly event for the prim endowed.” They have a bunch of different venders there with new, and I know at least for some exclusive, outfits every month. Not every vender there supports :mused: breasts but most support one of the appliers we are compatible with. (As a reminder :mused: breasts both milkmade and full breasts are compatible with appliers for eCorp, Lolas [not tangos currently], iboobs, eboobs, and foxbean.)BeWbAPaLoOZa_001

They have a lot of venders you might recognize, like Patchwork Hearts, Gatherings, and Epic but they have quite a few who were new to me, or I did not know made applier clothing. I picked up a couple pieces from the January selection and am regretting not getting the things from the December selection that I was thinking about. Now this is not a sale event the items here seem to be priced on par with what you would normally find in there main shops. However you can get a great rotating sample of offerings as each month the venders offer new things and you can grab some exclusive styles not available else where.

Know of any other events like this one? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. the boobie show is mostly Tango appliers though, not much there for other boobs apart from PatchWork Heart, theres hardly any 2.5 lola appliers that work on Mused ;(

  2. The Boobie Show is another event like this.

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