Cask Tanks now Avalable for Exchange

Want a new look for your storage tanks? A new cask option is available through an exchange vender.  blog post cask rezzer

The land impact on the new cask themes range from 2 prims (10 liter cask) – 5 prims (1000 liter cask) depending on the size of the storage cask.

In order to get the cask tank you must have a standard tank of the same size with at least the correct amount of milk in it. The amounts needed to exchange the standard tank for the cask tank are:

5L of milk for 10L tank

8L of milk for 20L tank

10L of milk for 50L tank

20L of milk for 100L tank

50L of milk for 250L tank

100L of milk for 500L tank

200L of milk for 1000L tank

Don’t worry if the tank has more only the needed amount of milk will be taken and you will get the rest back in your new tank. You can come and preview the new tanks on :mused: next to the standard tank display behind the shop

Rez the tank you want to exchange there and touch the sign behind the preview rezzers to start the exchange process.

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