Pump tank Mod-off

A month ago we started to take submissions for a pump tank Mod-off (you can read the original post here) its now time to vote for a winner. In the comments tell us who you would like to see win and we will announce the winner in a couple of weeks. 8791188046_534c002964_o

First option is Kira’s Cask with a lid that opens to fill with milk when pumping and a faucet with milk partial effects.


Maddie has a chocolate milk bottle that has either white or chocolate milk in it. (she also made it in plain and strawberry)


The third is from Zindonas, its a scifi looking tank with duel billows to move out and in when pumping.8793068418_de2258f2a7_o

The forth option is from Ahlwen. The glowing bar changes from red when empty to orange yellow green and so forth up to white as it become fuller.



The fifth option is from Jezzika. a tail and bottle.

Let us know what you think is the best mod in the comments below!

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  1. Really liking the one by Zindonas

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