June :mused: pinup luciafavianellia

This month’s pinup is the ever sexy luciafavianellia Resident with the Theme of “His Girls”


We have not really been getting a lot of submissions for this I had hoped that adding a theme would help inspire some ideas, maybe help boost some people’s confidence since they knew what we were expecting. We have another theme planed for July but let me know what you think of it should we keep doing themes? Does it help or does it just bind your creativity? Should we drop doing the pinups all together? Should we feature our runner ups as well? Let me know what you all want! Anyway the theme for July is “Summer Fun” remember to check out or submission guidelines and to check out Iona Lemondrop from last month if you missed her.

(We got a few really nice pictures from Lucy and since we can’t feature them all as “the” pinup I decided to put them down here so take a look!)

Pump tank Mod-off

A month ago we started to take submissions for a pump tank Mod-off (you can read the original post here) its now time to vote for a winner. In the comments tell us who you would like to see win and we will announce the winner in a couple of weeks. 8791188046_534c002964_o

First option is Kira’s Cask with a lid that opens to fill with milk when pumping and a faucet with milk partial effects.


Maddie has a chocolate milk bottle that has either white or chocolate milk in it. (she also made it in plain and strawberry)


The third is from Zindonas, its a scifi looking tank with duel billows to move out and in when pumping.8793068418_de2258f2a7_o

The forth option is from Ahlwen. The glowing bar changes from red when empty to orange yellow green and so forth up to white as it become fuller.



The fifth option is from Jezzika. a tail and bottle.

Let us know what you think is the best mod in the comments below!

Modding Your Pump Tank

In the end of March we released a Full Perm pump tank mod kit. While we don’t provide tutorials on how to mod, or create custom textures or things, and can’t support the work of others, I wanted to go over a few tips and tricks that might be helpful when doing a pump tank mod. The script interacts with the parts of the tank based on their names. This can be used to create similar effects in your tank mods and I will explain what the script does and examples of how it could be used below.


On the tank there is a red light when not pumping and a green light when it is pumping. These prims are named “red light” and “green light” Any prim named “red light” will show when not pumping but go transparent when pumping starts, the opposite is true for prims named “green light”

possible uses:

  • A lidded container that shows a copy of the lid hanging to the side while pumping but a lid on top when not.
  • An animated prim showing milk squirting into the tank that shows when pumping but is hidden when not.


The prim that changes to display the milk volume in the tank is named “milk gauge prim” The script changes the size of this prim on the Z axis to show filling milk. So any edits made to change the size of that prim on that access will be undone when the tank updates its contents. You can alter the “Slice” of this prim to cut back how large it can go.

possible uses:

  • large milk prim inside a transparent tank
  • made transparent and prim size read by script to change another feature to show milk fullness


The prim that is animated when pumping starts is called “bellows” if the script can’t find a prim labeled “bellows” it will grab another prim to animate, the bellows shape change is hard set in the script and so will resize itself back to original when pumping starts, and the script will only animate one “bellows” prim.

possible uses:

  • Replace bellows prim with one of your own making.
  • make transparent and have script read size changes to create another pumping effect.

So armed with these tid bits of information we want to see what you can do! We are having a Tank Mod-Off! What you need to do to participate is to take an picture or two of your custom pump tank and and upload it to our flickr group for the contest. http://www.flickr.com/groups/musedpumpmod/ The parts do not need to all be made by you, but it does need to be something that is not for sale AS a pump tank mod, So if you took a pre-made back back and made it into a pump tank that is fine.  Include avatar name and a link to a video if you want to show the tank in action. Five favorites will be picked from those submitted and featured in a blog post on June 3rd for voting. The winner of that will get a custom tank exclusively made for this contest from SuperNova Ind. and if I can get one I might have a custom tank mod to give away to one lucky voter in a random drawing so keep an eye out for that!


New :mused: milkmade Pump Mod Kit

You asked for it! A new mod kit for developing pump tanks is now available! This kit contains all of the parts and pieces of the basic pump tank as well as the pump tank script so that you can use them to make your own pump tank for personal use or sale. As with other similar kits there are limitations on its use which you can read in detail in the notecard in the kit. But in summery don’t sell or give in full or in part these textures or objects full perm, or copy trans.

pump tank mod kit adv

You can find the kit in our in world store Here for sale with the cash cow vender for 20L of milk.

:mused: Milk Made Cask Pump Tank

:mused: Milk Made Cask Pump Tank


The tank ropes are built onto the Cask Pump Tank build itself, but are detachable if you would like to custom mod this aspect.

An extra basic straight rope loop has been provided to use for w/e purpose you may find.

The Cask Pump Tank build itself is modifiable however the script inside is not. This will not effect custom modification of the pump tank.

The black Pump Tank strap that comes default with your original silver Pump Tank should not be worn when wearing this with your ropes unless however you just desire this look in addition to the ropes, but it is not necessary.

Your new cask pump tank will fill with milk depending on the amount of milk pumped into the cask from your breasts until it has reached full max capacity of 5 liters.

The cask pump tank must be attached to activate the breast pumps to collect your milk.

If you have any issues regarding this product please submit a ticket and a member of staff will be with you as soon as possible. We do ask that you expect a 24-48 hour response time in the event of holidays and such minimizing our staff available. Usually a member of staff will connect you before this time period for further details or with an issue resolution.


Coming soon: Cask Storage Tanks available for purchase with milk or $L.. stay tuned for further details.