Suggested Bonus Changes

As we work to improve the game we make some changes to what bonuses are available and how they apply. We are going to be making one such change soon.

We will be adding a capacity bonus to the top 7 gen users and their servants, this will stack with Volumax or the handmilking bonus.

With this change we will be removing the engorgement bonus (so please watch your breasts to avoid leaking!) and the current Gen drinking bonus.

The bonusing structure will look like this:

  • Gen 1 base capacity of 1.20L
  • Gen 2 base capacity of 1.00L
  • Gen 3 base capacity of 0.90L
  • Gen 4 base capacity of 0.80L
  • Gen 5 base capacity of 0.70L
  • Gen 6 base capacity of 0.60L
  • Gen 7 base capacity of 0.55L

So if a master is gen 2, they and their servants would start with capacity 1.00L, then volumax would get them up to 2.00L

There will be another notice put out when this goes live.

*edit* 9/24 after some feed back from the community we have decided to extend the bonus down two more Gens so that the top 7 gens will now receive this bonus rather than the top 5. The post has been updated to reflect this change.

*edit* 9/25 After further review and some players and developers concern of possible exploitation the max capacity has been reduced. Post has been updated to reflect this change.

4 Responses

  1. I do not agree with this right now because…

    Because as I’v in world to the group said the issue with that is the whole reason we claw our way to the top is to have the bonus plus bragging rights. The drinking bonus is more handy then the staff seems to realize and I hope that they totally realize how many people are going to quit if they actually do that. That drinking bonus is what gives the market the fluctuation values. If they remove that and the milk is worth all the same then whats the point in buying milk to gen up if there is no ranking that your no differnt that someone who just started yesterday? They dont know how much the game will drop. Dont fix something that aint broke. The engorgement bonus being gone away with thats easier to deal with, the calcium tax ok i got that, i can expect those things but this is not something i agree with. My family whom i actually simulate caring and feeding for them. But really the one thing that gives one of the biggest drives to the game your taking that away? Prepare for the whole thing to have a large fall out I’m just saying.
    Part of the fun is the competition and if you take away the advantage to that…wheres the drive to put money into it? I love this game i do but dont take away what is keeping alot of us playing.
    How is a capcity bonus going to really benifit people? Please explain because like was stated half the reason people fight is to the top is to have that bonus to our milk… A capcity bonus, just like chantal said…really means jack to me. Having the gen drinking bonus is an advatange to more than jsut the people who have it. Its something for people who drink and making it cheaper for people cause they can pay less for more. As well as providing for a family…so please list some benefits because i may be upset with this but if theres a better side please tell me.

  2. As stated, these are measures taken due to what we have learned from monitoring the system ourselves (we have many ways we do so) and from the “communities suggestions”. It is a set of proposed ideas and only one phase has been implemented thus far – the calcium depletion. We are watching the effects of all suggestions and feedback and making adjustments where they need to be. This is an open beta product and aspects are subject to change to maintain the integrity of the product. We appreciate your feedback and will take it into consideration as we mold the system and prepare for new additions, Thank you.

  3. Some advice against botting..

    On several occasions its been said in the groupchat by several monitors/staff that you are implementing changes to fight against botting.

    Well here is my advice

    First off all I know several bot software. Yes i use a bot NOT for mused but for my rentals for groupinvites bot do have legit uses such as the way I use them and as shopowners use them for models for clothing etc. and i believe there is one at the mused store also.

    I currently use jva bot befor that i used something else but i assume all bot software is kinda simulair. First of all with bot software you can see an im and respond to it or click on links send in them so the capka (or howerver its spelled) thing kinda not really helping an operator of the bot can simply click the link and fill it in and its done. Second the /5 pump and now since the update of the breast it shows in a blue menu wich you have to click is a good thing because with bot software you cannot click on a blue menu.

    However the Master hud is a way around that. The Master/Mistress who uses it can make the bots pump with it. A solution to that could be to remove that feature from the Masterhud. This way they cant make the bot pump unless they have to log in the bot the regulair way. Wich makes it more anoying for them to use a bot, not impossible still but harder. However keep in mind why its not a good thing if you ad more capacitiy to the breast that makes it again more easy for them to use a bot. Another solution could be to remove the servant stat points from the gen stats wich makes it no longer usefull for a Master/Mistress to use the hud on bots at least not for the stats of gen points.

    Also I am not sure how your stat system technically works but if there is a way to check on online time on servants you could perhaps notice those who are online 24/7 wich would be a good indication to think those are bots. A real user of Mused breast ,non bot would never be online 24/7 we all need our sleep even for those who work at home or for another reason are at home all the time they still sleep.

    For all these changes you wish to implement I say this. Have a good look on how effective they are. Most people added comments about they dont even understand it. Hell I am one of them I did not do a deep study on it nor do I wish to do so. i dont know when now my calcium needs change or when I have a cool down. No idea and dont wanne study it. Sl is my relax time not study time and a product on sl should be easy in use and user friendly and not give you the feeling your dumb or your back in school. Also the increased capacity. Why would we need that. Even for myself mot level 12 when i use a hormone shot i only need to turn my pump on once every 20-25 minutes or so wich is not a hard thing for me to do when i am online anyway so would i say yay to that or hmmm. Removing the gen bonus is really in my view not a good thing. I for one buy milk to store for the gen bonus. My buy siphon is in use often by users and very often i notice by new users who are glad to sell their milk so they can try things like hormone shots or save up for their first tank and such. Not saying that I alone buy milk but I do buy it for the gen bonus i get in return for my stored milk. If I no longer get a gen bonus in return for my stored milk I no longer feel the need to buy milk. I am not saying that I alone control the buy milk market far from it but I do think I would not be the only one buying milk to store for a gen bonus and that if that bonus is removed other also would no longer feel the need to buy things.

    To end my post I say. keep in mind change for the sake of change only is not a good thing. New tires on a car need to be better tires and not the the same quality tires or worse tires.

  4. If the current gen drinking bonus is removed there will be no more reason to become a higher gen. No people (yes i am one of those) buy milk to store to become a higher gen in order that they can sell milk with a bonus. The milk market like any market is a matter of ask and demand if you remove the gen milk bonus the ask will decrease a lot and the milk market will be effected. Why buy milk to store if your milk has the same valua as someone who just started with mused. No point for it. The increased capacity means well to say it bold it means nothing right now at i am at level 12 and if i take a hormone shot i have to make sure i pump once ever 25 minutes or so that isnt really that hard or any problem for me. If 0.5 is increased to 0.8 that isnt really a reward of my efforts to become gen 4 yet the milk bonus is/was.

    So no matter at what prices milk is offered i no longer feel any need to buy milk to store the lindens spend on it simply is not worth any effort for it. I am sure I am not alone in thinking that. Its a large change this effect the milk market that much that selling milk will no longer cover the cost of a homone shot anymore.

    It will not effect the market from one day to another but as it is with a rotten tree. It will look healthy untill a storm hits it over.

    And why are all these changes needed? Why do you want to decrease everything so badly? really none of your customers is waiting to have the value of milk decreased. Really.

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