Hunt For The Cure: Hunt Item Previews 1 of 5

Hey all! With the HFTC going live in a week I wanted to give you all a taste of what was out there to find! Below are some of the hunt items that the shop owners sent us preview images of, we got quite a lot so I am break this up in to four posts throughout the next week. (maybe more if we get more) 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Holi pocket

Holli Pocket

Brea's Closet w Brea's Closet m

Brea’s Closet

B-uniq m B-uniq w


HFTC Prize from Feyline Fashions

Feyline Fashions

(Surge) Breast Cancer Awareness Kitten

SurgeHFTC2 Preview - El Patio Inc.

El Patio Inc.

hftc gift Sandreen's FashionSandreen’s Fashion

Bayne By Shame Me Shapes 2013Pixy Shape pic By Shame Me Shapes

Shame Me DesignsTwinkle & Dazzle

Twinkle & Dazzle

Something New ~ Hunt for the CureSomething New

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