Annabelle: New Support

The ever adorable Annabelle HighWater (Kazooyuki Resident) has joined the ranks of :mused: staff to help out during our peek times like Skye who I introduced you to last week. In case you missed our previous staff introductions: Zindonas, Kira, Nova, Cali

Kaz new

A little about Annabelle:

“I keep losing the game :3 and Um um.. titty sprinkles?”

How will people usually see you, (do you have an avatar you prefer?)

“I am usually in my chocolate rottie (pictured above) or my purple/blue dragoness.”

What do you enjoy about milkmade?

“Milk and Titties!”

Why did you decide you wanted to join the :mused: staff?

“I love milkmade and wanted to help.”

What do you hope to accomplish/ contribute to :mused:?

“I hope to contribute by giving people another person to assist in :mused: products when they need help or have a general question.”

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