Breast Friendly Halloween Costumes

Hey musers!

We will be having an event at :CLUB: milk to wrap up Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Friday November 1st. This is the last day of the Hunt for the Cure and The Bid for the Cure Tail Sale will end bidding at the end of the event. Right now we have a few great offers with no or low bids so be sure to check it out in the green of :mused: Town Square. TP pad to the town square can be found in front of the shop simply click it and then sit on the ring for the destination you want.

We will be having a Halloween theme for the event so I wanted to give you all a head start in getting some great costumes to wear!

Femme Fatale

This shop has some great applier supported costumes right in front of the landing point.


Ellemeno offers some really cute Character inspired costumes from Disney Girls to the Flintstones. (TP to costumes)


Epic offers applier clothes in a wide verity themes and styles, Military, police, nurse as well as more general Sci Fi or fantasy looks.

Bare Rose

Those familiar with Bare Rose will know that they offer a huge variety of styles and themes for a very good price. The now have an applier supported section of the store which the link TPs you to.

Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty has a large selection of applier clothes from gowns to super girl to star trek, but I find her organization hard to follow so take some time and explore.

I am excited to see what great costumes you all put together, So show me! We will feature you all in your costumes for November 4th’s blog post so send those in like you would a pin up image or send Cali Ciaco a picture in world. We will be taking some pictures at the event as well. Next Monday’s blog post is October’s pin up the Theme is “Perfect in Pink” and we hope you take advantage of the photo studio in the :mused: Town Square to take your pin up shots or your Halloween costume pictures.

Know any other great places to get applier supported costumes? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I like this post and will visit those stores I am due for a new outfit. Its hard to find good stores for implants. Perhaps this post could exspand to not only holloween customes but to a list of nice stores for implant or perhaps another post could be made for that

  2. with all the places that are “applier” supported, are these stores mused supported or just tango?

    • all have tangos, some have other brands that mused works with. I know that Bad Kitty has mused specific on some of theirs, but each outfit seems to have a different set of brands they support. However with the applier adjustment HUD you should be able to get most appliers to sit better. Ecorp fits MM pretty well out of the box.

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