Hunt for the Cure Hunt list 2014

Below is a list of the stores that are going to be participating in this hunt. Please keep in mind that some of the store participating are on Adult rated regions and you will need to be age verified to get to them. Also note that some are on General regions and if you choose to go to those shops you will need to be in an avatar that is appropriate for that region rating. Hints will be added as they are received and some may have additional “organizer’s tip” for shops where it is felt that its needed. All gifts should be hidden 20 yards from the landing point or shop entrance for those that have a region override.

You can see preview images for some of the great gifts offered here and here

1) :mused: A Hint: “You can ask me for help, but I will just tell you to look around me.”

2) Busty Boutique M Hint: Pink Gacha and Pink Ribbon that fits, right?

3) .: TAOX TATTOO :. M Hint: keep Calm And Fuck It !!!

4) Vero Modero M Hint: Be proud of show the pink ribbon in ur chest

5) WCI (west coast influence) M Hint: Here is a tip, let this guide your way to true north

6) Something New M Hint: We fight for a wonderful cause with all class and “Elegance” 

7) Feyline Fashions M Hint: There’s always something NEW at Feyline Fashions

8) Stitches Creations M Hint: See Hint Giver in Store

9) Deluxe Body Factory M Hint: “To subscribe, or not to subscribe:: that is the question …”

10) * WICKED * M Hint: Keep your pants on!

11) D&G Fashions M Hint: Don’t be such a Spoiled Princess!

12) ModaMia M Hint: Closed

13) {D.o.R.k} M Hint:

14) Le Chic M Hint: Life grow up like a flower. is there where you will find me.

15) Holli Pocket M Hint:

16) Trinite M Hint: you will be a shoe in anywhere you go with this super glamorous dress on

17) De’light – madcatcreations – furhard and syrens song M Hint: Closed

18) Loxwyld M Hint: Take a break and play with my demo

19) ::Purple Candy:: M Hint: betty loves pink ribbons

20) Twinkle & Dazzle A Hint:

21) ~Glasgow Grin~ M Hint: Female: What pretty butterflies!
Unisex: Everyone loves a gacha!

22) {Sickly SWEET} M Hint:

23) *ToXiC*H* M Hint: I love the Romy dresses, they so pretty.

  • You will TP into a gazebo the shop is at the other end of the road from where you land.

24) .:Panda Punx:. Body Shop M Hint: Closed

25) Milkponies/The Pony Store A Hint: “It’s getting hot in here!”

26) {{Imajicas G-Spot}} Gestures M Hint:

27) Fi’s Creations G Hint: I prefer to hide myself in a corner. In fact, i LOVE corners ! But i have batophobia, so keep your eyes lower … In order to find me, you need to find the hunt posters. And then you need to make a descission – do you want to walk to the left or to the right side ?

28) Lolita M Hint: Use a safety matche

29) .:Glint:. M Hint: Where the snowflakes fall.

30) Prism Designs M Hint: “Pink Tiger Lilies adorn me”

31) BOMBSHELL M Hint: let them eat cake 

32) Ravnous M Hint: Hope is for everyone.

33) EverGlade Forest of Mods A Hint:  I hide where the water meets feline

34) MoDANNA M Hint: This girl is on fire.

35) Surge Mesh M Hint: Fire up a bowl!

36) Atomic Pixel M Hint: Closed

37) Global Nomads A Hint: (gift not set up correctly yet)

38) .::Pink Sugah::. M Hint:

39) La Boheme G Hint #1: There are other ribbons here!  Nice view, though.
Hint #2: I’m right there with the other.  Really.

40) Minx Designs M Hint: I’ll donated to charity! but first…..let me take a #SELFIE.

41) Mute M Hint:

42) *Tiffany Designs* M Hint: Behind the Redelivery machine from the entrance (near stairs)

43) Cream Tea A Hint: This looks cute pinned to my collar

44) .::[HTxDZ]::. M Hint:

Hunt for the Cure 2014 (application)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and :mused: is going to be organizing a hunt in the month of October (Oct 1, 2014- Nov 1-2014)  to help raise money for a Breast Cancer focused charity.  The Charity we have chosen is Breast Cancer Connections (you can check out their Charity Navigator Review for more information on them.)

_mused_ BCA Image 2014

How this hunt works:

  • The Hunt item will be for sale for 10L$, this money does not go to the shop owner but to an avatar that has been set up to manage the funds for donation.
  • The totals earned will be posted at the end of each week through out the hunt.
  • We ask that the item or items being given out in the hunt be worth at least 200L$ if it was for sale normally.
    • It does not have to be pink or breast related but it can be if you wish to.
  • The hunt item will be a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon and we ask that it be with in 20 m of the landing point (or shop entrance if you are on a region with an override)
  • We encourage Hints be given and will have them listed on the web site during the Hunt

We are currently accepting applications (until Sept 15th) for venders who wish to participate. please send a notecard to Cali Loxingly (cali.ciaco) with the following information if you are interested.
HFTC Application (store name)

Your store name:

Your avatar name:

Your store landmark:

Your store slurl:

Region Rating:

Do you create breasts or breast related products? (what?)

Do you have any idea of what your gift may be?

Breast Friendly Halloween Costumes

Hey musers!

We will be having an event at :CLUB: milk to wrap up Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Friday November 1st. This is the last day of the Hunt for the Cure and The Bid for the Cure Tail Sale will end bidding at the end of the event. Right now we have a few great offers with no or low bids so be sure to check it out in the green of :mused: Town Square. TP pad to the town square can be found in front of the shop simply click it and then sit on the ring for the destination you want.

We will be having a Halloween theme for the event so I wanted to give you all a head start in getting some great costumes to wear!

Femme Fatale

This shop has some great applier supported costumes right in front of the landing point.


Ellemeno offers some really cute Character inspired costumes from Disney Girls to the Flintstones. (TP to costumes)


Epic offers applier clothes in a wide verity themes and styles, Military, police, nurse as well as more general Sci Fi or fantasy looks.

Bare Rose

Those familiar with Bare Rose will know that they offer a huge variety of styles and themes for a very good price. The now have an applier supported section of the store which the link TPs you to.

Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty has a large selection of applier clothes from gowns to super girl to star trek, but I find her organization hard to follow so take some time and explore.

I am excited to see what great costumes you all put together, So show me! We will feature you all in your costumes for November 4th’s blog post so send those in like you would a pin up image or send Cali Ciaco a picture in world. We will be taking some pictures at the event as well. Next Monday’s blog post is October’s pin up the Theme is “Perfect in Pink” and we hope you take advantage of the photo studio in the :mused: Town Square to take your pin up shots or your Halloween costume pictures.

Know any other great places to get applier supported costumes? Let us know in the comments!